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Amazon EC2 AutoScaling FAQs

The AutoScale Group Automation works through AWS Eventbridge. AWS Eventbridge is a lambda that runs based on a trigger event. Here the Scheduler is able to trigger the starting and stopping of the machine at a scheduled time.
nOps needs no additional writing access to the user’s environment. Instead, everything works through Eventbridge, keeping access limited and secure.
The recommendations we provide are filtered to exclude such machines. However, If you have also subscribed for Risk free ShareSave, then the machines covered under RI can be scheduled and the RI commitment can be adjusted for.
As the algorithm detects patterns of low utilization over a given period, the confidence level for a recommendation rises as the machine follows the recommended utilization pattern.
The ShareSave Scheduler is priced at the percentage of the cost saved by deploying the Scheduler. In Simple words, the customer pays only a small cut of the savings made through the tool.

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