Amazon EC2

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Personalized Recommendations

Data-driven approach to recommending new autoscaling configurations and real-time optimization opportunities based on your actual usage.


Personalized Recommendations
simple to automate

We Make it Dead Simple to Automate

Low and no code, one-click automation built into every recommendation you see.

Reconfigure Your Autoscaling Groups To Cut Waste With Just One Click!

  • Determine your group's idle resources using statistical analysis based on the group’s utilization data.
  • Reconfigure your autoscaling group based on actual usage.
  • The most optimal personalized configuration based on your historical utilization data.
  • Keep only the amount of resources you need.
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Real-Time Automation To Optimize Your Schedule Throughout The Week

  • Set up high-resolution schedules to meet your traffic demands while optimizing for cost - based on your actual historic usage.
  • Schedule your configuration for a whole week.


nOps automatically detects improperly sized EC2 instances and recommends the precise size to reconfigure them based on actual usage.

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AWS EC2 Auto Scaling: The Basics, Components, and Best Practices


AWS EC2 Auto Scaling: The Basics, Components, and Best Practices