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aws billing and cost management

AWS Billing and Cost Management: The Secret to Keeping Cloud Costs in Check

Amazon launched a service to help its users do everything concerning their cloud bills. AWS billing and cost management helps users to pay bills, track spending, and analyze their expenditures. Since it helps analyze and control spending, it’s possible to keep cloud costs in check with this service.Whether you want to estimate cloud costs or…

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chargeback models for cloud

How to Do Effective Chargebacks Models for the Cloud

In cloud computing, chargeback models help users to bill the cost to internal consumers of cloud services. It means that not all expenditure falls under one department. Instead, each business unit becomes responsible for its consumption. The foundation of an effective chargeback depends on four main factors. With these factors in mind, you can have…

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nOps AWS Cloud ROI and Pricing Calculator

So you’re an AWS Consulting Partner doing AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFRs), and you’re looking at nOps to help you do more of them, better and faster. You want to have confidence that it’s going to make your life better. What if you could not only say using nOps was better but also, “Using nOps…

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soc 2 mapping

SOC 2 Mapping: Breaking Down the Five Trust Principles

SOC 2 Mapping, also known as Service Organization Controls Type 2, helps companies obtain, transmit, and control data using acceptable methods. Being SOC 2 compliant helps companies experience two major benefits. First, you build trust with new and potential customers. And second, you get a competitive edge in security. A company has to go through…

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cloud cost optimization

Three Reasons Cloud Cost Optimization Shouldn’t Just Be Finance’s Responsibility

Cloud cost optimization is all about gaining visibility of cloud cost centers and maximizing your budget to meet your needs. An example includes using spending tracker tools. These tools help rank the highest costs and can often optimize cloud operations to fit your budget. Companies usually have two teams — a finance team and an…

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aws cost management

Five Best Practices for AWS Cost Management

If you’re an AWS user, you may want to optimize your AWS cost management tactics. The challenge is as companies grow, workload increases. Every added workload is a corresponding increase in costs. Because of numerous workloads, it’s difficult to manage costs, especially if you have multiple AWS accounts. For this reason, companies usually resolve to…

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aws compliance automation

AWS Compliance Automation: The Four Reasons for Automating Compliance

AWS compliance automation is a service that automates compliance procedures for you instead of going the manual route. Compliance is an essential component for small and medium businesses as it builds trust. They say, no trust, no sale. In essence, being compliant makes you eligible for more opportunities for growth and scale. For example, AWS…

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3 ways for AWS partners to improve WAFR Remediation Proposals with nOps

How do you grow your AWS consulting business? One way is to use nOps for Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFR) and systematically build up a portfolio of repeatable work packages that helps you grow. If you follow the three practices in this article you will be creating better remediation plans and proposals: they will be faster…

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How — and why — to migrate from CloudCheckr to nOps

You might be doing nothing special about AWS management, while the 2021 State of FinOps Report had 804 responses covering an amazing $31B of cloud spend. The question is: how on earth are they managing it all? The respondents mainly were larger enterprises which had large cloud bills and dedicated FinOps staff, so there are…

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