Cloud Management Platforms
10 Most Recommended Cloud Management Platforms in 2023!

Scalability, cost savings, and operational effectiveness are just a few advantages of the cloud. But here’s the situation. As workloads, applications, services, and supporting infrastructure increase, organizing, monitoring, and controlling a cloud environment may become challenging. Businesses may better manage and keep an eye on their cloud infrastructure services, resources, and data by using cloud…

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How I Saved My Company $15,000 by Finding and Removing Untagged AWS Resources Using nOps Cloud Management Platform

I’ve been thinking about how to start this post for the past week. Do I start it off with “Why does every Cost Optimization webinar, conversation, or chat always talk about tagging or the lack thereof?” Probably for the same reason that I’m writing this post about tagging and how I saved my company $15k…

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Increase Your Cloud Security Observability with nOps’ New Rules

If you’re orchestrating workloads that power business-critical data and applications, enacting robust security guardrails is important in keeping your cloud environment secure.  To accomplish this, you must acquire observability in a manner that provides high-level visibility into your provisioned cloud resources. This will empower your DevOps team to detect potential unauthorized intrusions and resolve security…

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nOps Cloud Management Platform Adding Azure Support

nOps is proud to announce Azure support for our industry-leading cloud management platform. The new support delivers a spectrum of world-class product features, providing a rich experience for partners and end-users running Azure cloud infrastructure. Azure is the second most popular cloud provider after Amazon Web Services (AWS). We felt it was the perfect time…

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Cost Optimization CloudTrail
AWS Featured Blog: Cost Optimization with nOps and CloudTrail

Cost optimization is always critical to everyone. Customers make lots of effort to make sure their AWS Platform operates cost-effectively. AWS provides tools to help customers optimize and visualize costs. AWS Cost Explorer provides an easy-to-use interface to visualize, understand, and manage your expenses and usage over time. The AWS Cost and Usage Report provides…

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How enhanced visual clues in nOps provide a better Well-Architected Framework Review experience

Sometimes it feels like your eyes go “WAFR weary” when you have to navigate repeated AWS Well-Architected Framework Review’s (“WAFR”): five pillars, fifty-two questions and two-hundred-and-eighty answers can really make them water!  AWS architects that use nOps for deeper and more automated WAFRs have asked for more visual clues to ease their eye strain. We’ve…

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AWS cloud management 2.0: what is it and why should you care?

The reason your business uses AWS is to improve flexibility, save money and be more efficient. However, with your infrastructure growing rapidly in both size and complexity, and with more applications migrating to the cloud, accomplishing these goals is becoming increasingly difficult. You’re not the only one struggling. Jay Chapel estimated that, between idle and…

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aws chargebacks
Four Strategies for Implementing AWS Chargebacks

You can use AWS chargebacks in your billing process to apply the cost of bills to specific cost centers in a business unit. AWS chargebacks can help organizations lower their operating costs. In cloud computing, there’s a culture of paying for what you use. But what happens when costs escalate, and you feel you didn’t…

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aws billing and cost management
AWS Billing and Cost Management: The Secret to Keeping Cloud Costs in Check

Amazon launched a service to help its users do everything concerning their cloud bills. AWS billing and cost management helps users to pay bills, track spending, and analyze their expenditures. Since it helps analyze and control spending, it’s possible to keep cloud costs in check with this service.Whether you want to estimate cloud costs or…

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