Starting this week, nOps Consolidated Weekly Report now also provides Autoscaler Recommendations. With this new feature, users get Autoscale Groups Recommendations directly in their inbox with estimated savings, opportunity name, and a breakdown of savings against each opportunity. Each opportunity is clickable and leads to the nOps Scheduler page where you can see more in-depth details.


With the help of this upgraded Consolidated Weekly Report, the users don’t have to manually fetch these details by logging into the nOps, since at the start of every week they would get all of the important insights sent directly to them via email as soon as they start their week.

ShareSave Dashboard Data Ingestion Improved to 5 Minutes

You can now access nOps ShareSave Dashboard without waiting for the rest of the cloud data to be ingested after completing the onboarding. Going forward, when nOps start ingesting data from your cloud accounts, the first thing it would do is ingest the data required to populate the ShareSave Dashboard and get it running. It only takes up to 5 minutes for the data to ingest and for you to start looking into the savings with ShareSave.


You can access the ShareSave Dashboard from the menu at the top in the nOps platform. On the ShareSave Dashboard you will get a Savings Summary with the estimated total savings that you can get if you implement nOps recommendations. On the ShareSave Dashboard, nOps allows you to reduce costs and save money with a List of Risk-Free Commitments (EC2, RDS) that you can automate. ShareSave also provides a List of Graviton recommendations, Resource Scheduler recommendations in order to scheduler resources to stop automatically based on a schedule, and New Recommendations for Auto Scaling Groups.

To learn more about ShareSave, see documentationShareSave Risk-Free Commitment ManagementShareSave Scheduler, and ShareSave Container Optimization.