nOps Business Contexts is replacing Cloud Resource Cost as your tool to continuously access and allocate 100% of your AWS cost in real time.

Cloud Resource Cost is currently found under Dashboard -> Cost -> Coud Resource Cost. Business Contexts is currently found under Dashboard -> Business Contexts.

What are the benefits of nOps Business Contexts?

  • Massively scaleable and faster analysis for customers of all sizes. Now leveraging Apache Druid’s lightning processing and distributed architecture, the platform brings you real-time actionable insights in unprecedented detail.
  • New hourly resolution of spend data for detailed analysis. Business Contexts ports all the best-loved features from Cloud Resource Cost, now with new hourly resolution.
  • Deep integration with our Cost Allocation feature (showbacks, chargebacks, and tagging).  nOps is now a single repository, data-centralized platform, granting you the ability to break down your daily spend by engineering service, day by day and hour over hour, across your entire AWS organization.


  • Powerful reporting to track expenses and share with stakeholders. Don’t settle for complex and static dashboards. Business Contexts provides up-to-the-moment, intuitive reports to visualize your cloud infrastructure and costs.

Cloud Resource Cost will be sunset on Monday, October 9, 2023.