Economic uncertainty is increasing the pressure to reduce cloud spend, and companies are looking for ways to optimize their resource management. As the industry shifts towards Kubernetes, EKS is one of the biggest expenses — and thus a low-hanging fruit for optimization.

Kubernetes configurations are often set once and not reassessed for months or until there is a problem, leading to waste and inefficiency. As a result, Engineering and DevOps leaders are increasingly turning to solutions that can automate decisions in real time, such as Vertical Pod autoscaler and AWS Karpenter. Karpenter is an open source solution that frees users from node groups and autoscaling constraints, allowing resources to be provisioned according to actual usage.

The problem is that Karpenter is often tuned as a one-and-done exercise. However, your ecosystem is dynamic — and so is market pricing.

That’s where nKS (nOps Karpenter Solution) comes in, automatically and constantly tuning your configuration for the best price and availability. It is the first, easy-to-use UI for Karpenter.

As a result, engineering teams can take advantage of Karpenter’s more effective and granular scaling functionalities with a fraction of the effort. nKS constantly ensures you are scheduled on the most cost-optimized and stable option — automatically updating your provisioning on the fly if not. Customers are saving 50% or more on EKS costs with nKS.

nKS now supports multiple provisioner configurations, in the latest update for even more flexibility and ease of use. In response to customer demand, this release offers:

More control over the environment. nKS can accommodate a wide variety of use cases —supporting existing constraints or the demands of complex, multi-cloud architectures.


(Manage and configure your provisioners directly from nOps).

Increased time savings. nKS makes it pain-free to import your current configurations, migrate to modern Karpenter, and put your node provisioning on autopilot.

Here’s more on why engineering teams are delegating their cloud provisioning to nKS. The tool:

  • Automatically schedules EKS resources to available Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and Spot
  • Monitors pricing and your entire AWS ecosystem continually, ensuring maximum savings and availability
  • Predicts Spot terminations 60 minutes in advance using ML

The best part? With nKS, you don’t spend — you only save. We are the first cloud management platform that charges based on a fraction of the customer’s savings.

Join our customers already using nKS to slash cloud costs and run Spot with complete confidence by booking a demo today!