This week, nOps has launched an advanced Cost Analysis feature that offers flexible filters and a comprehensive view of your resource spending. With this feature, you can now gain greater visibility into the true cost of resources, including commitments like RI and Savings Plan, and analyze how your commitment impacts or contributes to your actual resource cost.


There are three cost types to choose from – Unblended, Blended, and Amortized – allowing users to switch between them effortlessly to enhance visibility. This means users can easily compare and contrast different cost types to get a better understanding of their cloud spend.

View your amotorized spending by resources so that you can see the true cost of resources including commitments like RI and Savings Plan.

Amortized view provides a clear and accurate view of the true cost of a resource by factoring in reservations and savings plans. With this view, you can easily track your resource spending on a daily basis and gain insights into how your commitments impact your actual resource cost.

To efficiently allocate your cloud costs across suitable business units and business outcomes in nOps, see nOps Business Contexts


One of the key advancements of this feature is the elimination of limitations on the number of resources, making it possible to monitor all your resources without any restrictions. With nOps’ Enhanced Cost Analysis, you can easily track your AWS spending, optimize your resource usage, and achieve greater cost savings.

Cloud spend analysis feature provides users with unparalleled control and customization options. With this feature, users can now easily include, exclude or match their cloud spend based on filter dimensions, such as support, marketplace, or RI fees, and gain a comprehensive view of their cloud costs. You can dive deeper into their spend data by leveraging various dimension filters and visualizing cost distribution across Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly data resolutions. And, as a bonus, nOps will soon be adding Hourly data resolution


The nOps’ Cost Allocation Showback Values feature, you can easily track your AWS expenses over time in the context of your business. With the ability to match, include, exclude, and use fuzzy or pattern matching, you can create custom filters that fit your specific needs.

Filter out costs such as Support and RI fees to gain a clearer picture of your expenses. Save and share customized reports with ease using any combination of filters and cost allocation showbacks.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of nOps’ Cost Allocation Showback Values and streamline your AWS expense tracking today To learn more about nOps Cost Analysis cost visibility recommendations, Try nOps Business Contexts today!

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