This week nOps launched a feedback model in nOps Resource Scheduler recommendations. With this new feature, you can mark Resource Scheduler recommendations as appropriate to implement or not.


The feedback will help you: point out recommendations that you want your team to implement right away, or block out recommendations that you feel are not ready to be implemented for any reason. Your feedback will also help nOps AI to improve the recommendations further.

To see your own Resource Scheduler recommendations in nOps, see Resource Scheduler Recommendations. To learn more about Resource Scheduler recommendations, visit the website.

nOps Announces ShareSave RDS Recommendations

nOps ShareSave now provides customers with RDS recommendations. The RDS recommendations clearly describe the optimization approach you should take and shows the recommendations to implement.


The RDS recommendations are a part of the nOps ShareSave program, and you can find the RDS recommendation in the List of Opportunities section. Each RDS recommendation consists of an Opportunity Name, RDS Type (Single Instance and Cluster), Instance Size, Account Name, Region, Schedule (Not Scheduled or Scheduled), New Config (Recommended Configuration), Total Savings, and an Action to schedule the recommendation.

You can also click on the opportunity name to see the details of the usage and the recommendation in the form of line charts. To schedule a recommendation, simply click on the Schedule button, give your schedule a name and click create.

To see your own RDS Recommendations in nOps, see RDS Recommendations.