nOps Scheduler now supports the scheduling of KMS Encrypted EBS Volumes with the help of EventBridge. To schedule KMS Encrypted resources with the nOps scheduler, all you need to do is to connect the KMS ARN with the EventBridge and nOps Scheduler will take care of the rest.

Trying to schedule encrypted resources without connecting a KMS ARN with the EventBridge can result in undesired effects.

To connect the KMS ARN with the EventBridge, Go to the nOps > Organization Settings > Integrations > EventBridge and click Add Key in KMS Stack. You will be redirected to the CloudFormation Stack creation page of your AWS console. Provide your KMS ARN and click Create Stack.


To learn more, see documentation.

nOps Unveils New Visualization for Auto Scaling Groups Recommendations in ShareSave

You can see One Time Configuration and Dynamic Configuration recommendations separately in Auto Scaling Group Recommendations. With this new visualization, you can easily keep track of the type of recommendations and your selected configurations. The new visualization also offers you the ability to see the number of schedules implemented on a resource.

Each recommendation that you see in one configuration section will have an equivalent recommendation in the other configuration section, the only difference will be the configuration.

To learn more about nOps Auto Scaling Groups recommendations, see website.


nOps Now Provides a Feedback Model in Auto Scaling Groups Recommendation

This week nOps launched a feedback model in nOps Auto Scaling Groups recommendation. With this new feature, you can mark Auto Scaling Groups recommendation as appropriate to implement or not quite right.

The feedback will help you: point out recommendations that you want your team to implement right away, or block out recommendations that you feel are not ready to be implemented for any reason. Your feedback will also help nOps AI to further improve the recommendation.


To learn more about nOps Auto Scaling Groups recommendations, see website.