This week, nOps launched a new set of scheduling recommendations on the ShareSave dashboard for Auto Scaling Groups. For each Auto Scaling group, these scheduling recommendations provide the details of the current configuration, instance type, and associate account name, the number of allocated resources(nodes), active resources(nodes), price per hour, ideal number of resources(nodes), and the total savings that you can get from acting on the scheduling recommendations.



Each Auto Scaling Group recommendation offers two types of scheduling configurations: One Time Configuration and Dynamic Configuration. One Time Configurations are standard, once you configure a one-time schedule with a specific number of desired nodes it will remain the same until you change it. Dynamic Configurations on the other hand reduce the allocated resources on a daily basis according to the number of active resources each day. Click on any Auto Scaling Group recommendation to see the details of how each configuration will impact the resources(nodes) in the Auto Scaling Group.



Dynamic Configurations allow you to save substantially more —compared to One Time Configurations— by adjusting the allocated resources to exactly match the active resources each day. The decision to use One Time Configuration or Dynamic Configuration is up to you, according to your use case. To implement the scheduling recommendation for an Auto Scaling Group, click on the “Schedule” button and simply select the configuration type.

To learn more about ShareSave, see documentationShareSave Risk-Free Commitment ManagementShareSave Scheduler, and ShareSave Container Optimization.