This week nOps Scheduler page has been loaded with lots of new UI and feature enhancements. The latest version now contains a Schedule Grid that gives you the ability to quickly identify and schedule a group of resources with just one click right away from the schedule grid. It offers an easy to use UI which helps you achieve your scheduler needs right away without spending too much time exploring and setting up the schedules individually.


You can Stop or Run a group of resources by clicking on the Schedule Grid boxes against desired days and time or simply do drag and drop to change the schedule time. As soon as any changes made into the schedule grid it would reflect on the “Hours Up” and “Hours Down” count right away.

All of the recommended schedules can be CLONED. You can use the scheduler configuration located at top left to select the desired AWS account and Target [Event Bridge] to clone the scheduler based on the default recommendations provided by nOps or by updating the schedule using the schedule grid.

To see and explore this Recommended Schedules in nOps, see nOps Scheduler .