Announcing the Newly Released nOps Developer Ecosystem (GraphQL / SDK)

nOps already supports the 6 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and provides full visibility of your AWS Environments from cost to security. It’s time to shift left and put the power of customization, automation, and integration into your developers’ hands.

Join AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr and nOps Chief Evangelist Jon Myer with the newly released nOps Developer Ecosystem. In this nOps SDK hands-on demo, we’ll demonstrate the power of automated integration into your CI/CD workflow with our Cloud Infrastructure and Pricing module.

Are you lacking the ability to find the exact information needed from all of your AWS accounts? Wouldn’t it be nice to query your entire AWS environment from the resources to the underlying infrastructure metrics? The new GraphQL IDE interface is available within the nOps console, providing you with the ability to gather cloud data and automate in minutes.

See it in action. Get started today with a free trial of nOps.