Manage Workloads in nOps and Get Automatic Recommendations

The nOps platform streamlines and manages your workloads in the cloud and creates automatic recommendations for your team to align every resource with your business.

Not all workloads are created equal. Some workloads you might optimize for cost, while others you might prioritize based on an SLA.

You can clearly define access roles and responsibilities for your workloads in the nOps console. Assign roles for RI (Reserved Instance) management, cost optimization analysis, financial or budgeting, along with security incident management.

Further, cloud environments have thousands of untagged resources. Normalize tag inventory and build strong policies. Automatically assign untagged resources. nOps uses ML to detect and correct tag anomalies and uses relationship networks to classify and align resources to your business. nOps will align your team to operationalize and build accountability around every workload resource.

Learn how you can save time and money by using nOps to create and manage your workloads. Get started today!