48 of the top 50 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) customers use AWS Graviton processors for their workloads. Companies are moving AWS Graviton processors moving at an incredible rate. nOps helps customers to identify opportunities to help them modernize their workload. When it comes to modernization, Graviton processors are cheaper and also have better performance. It’s becoming easier and easier to migrate your workloads to Graviton. AWS recently introduced Graviton Fast start program to help companies move workloads to AWS.

Today we are announcing Graviton recommendations. With these recommendations, you’ll be able to estimate the savings of migrating workloads to Graviton. As companies are trying to optimize their spending, moving to Graviton is the best way for them to modernize their application and reduce cost.

As you review projected savings,  nOps can introduce you to a service provider who can help with the migration.

Seeing Graviton recommendations in nOps Sharesave dashboard

Why move to Graviton?

Graviton processors are cheaper and also have better performance.

AWS Graviton3 processors are the latest in the AWS Graviton processor family. They provide up to 25% better compute performance, up to 2x higher floating-point performance, and up to 2x faster cryptographic workload performance compared to AWS Graviton2 processors. AWS Graviton3 processors deliver up to 3x better performance compared to AWS Graviton2 processors for ML workloads, including support for bfloat16. They also support DDR5 memory that provides 50% more memory bandwidth compared to DDR4.

How does the AWS Graviton recommendation work?

We compare “like” instance family/instance size and provide the equivalent Graviton AWS instance.. (ie c4.large = g6g.large. or c5n.large = c6gn.large) .  So customers end up with better performance and cheaper instances. Click here to see the logic on nOps makes Graviton recommendations for your workload.

As with all of the recommendations “You don’t pay unless we save”, nOps only charges customers a percentage of the savings if they take action on the recommendations, so we spend lots of time making sure our recommendations are accurate.

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