Understanding Chargeback Tagging And The Best Practices
Understanding Chargeback Tagging And The Best Practices!

Reading Time: 8 minutes AWS has become the preferred cloud provider for many organizations worldwide–helping them scale their IT infrastructure and boost their cloud computing operations. But even with all AWS value additions, there is no denying that it’s still a costly affair. Chargeback tagging can optimize cloud costs by analyzing your usage, identifying opportunities to reduce costs, and…

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Hiring a FinOps Specialist? Job Description with Template and Interview Questions

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hiring a FinOps specialist is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment as organizations look to maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs. FinOps is the intersection of finance and operations and involves the use of financial analysis and data management to make decisions about business operations. A FinOps specialist provides financial analysis, oversight, and support…

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The Ultimate Guide To Best Cloud Reporting Tools

Reading Time: 5 minutes The rise of cloud technology has revolutionized how businesses collect and report their data. Cloud-based reporting tools are now essential for companies to understand their performance and make data-driven decisions. Data reporting is a critical part of any business, allowing decision-makers to view and analyze their organization’s performance. It transforms raw data into meaningful information,…

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Announcing nOps Scheduler & Amazon EventBridge Integration

Reading Time: 3 minutes nOps is a fully automated FinOps platform that helps companies automatically identify and eliminate cloud waste. What’s more, you only pay for what you save, so we focus on making the best recommendations based on your workloads while also making it simple for you to act on the recommendations. We analyze utilization data to detect…

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New – Introducing AWS Graviton recommendations

Reading Time: 2 minutes 48 of the top 50 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) customers use AWS Graviton processors for their workloads. Companies are moving AWS Graviton processors moving at an incredible rate. nOps helps customers to identify opportunities to help them modernize their workload. When it comes to modernization, Graviton processors are cheaper and also have better…

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Find Untagged Resources & Automated Tagging Using AWS System Manager

Reading Time: 2 minutes We recently launched functionality to automatically tag migration resources. Today, we are announcing automated tagging using AWS as System Manager. It’s common to see a key with 20+ values., With nOps, you can visualize helps to visualizing these entries making it easy for you to see the cost for each application.     nOps has…

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How I Saved My Company $15,000 by Finding and Removing Untagged AWS Resources Using nOps Cloud Management Platform

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve been thinking about how to start this post for the past week. Do I start it off with “Why does every Cost Optimization webinar, conversation, or chat always talk about tagging or the lack thereof?” Probably for the same reason that I’m writing this post about tagging and how I saved my company $15k…

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aws cost explorer
How to Analyze Cloud Cost Using the AWS Cost Explorer

Reading Time: 3 minutes You can keep AWS (Amazon Web Service) costs under control using the AWS Cost Explorer. The AWS Cost Explorer is a cost management tool that lets users see how costs vary over time. With this software, you can export reports, detect anomalous usage patterns, view periods with the highest cloud spending, and much more. You…

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aws spot instances
How Much Does AWS Spot Instances Cost?

Reading Time: 3 minutes EC2 Spot Instances lets you access excess compute capacity in the cloud. Spot pricing is the cheapest pricing model on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Unlike On-Demand and Reserved Instance prices, spot prices are more volatile and subject to interruptions. You can use AWS Spot Instances for various workloads, including big data, CI/CD jobs, and running…

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