Understanding AWS MAP and how to maximize cost savings in it
Understanding AWS MAP and How to Maximize Cost Savings in it?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Customers have numerous motivations for migrating and modernizing their operations in the cloud. In addition to reducing operational expenses, they can accelerate their pace of innovation, enhance customer experiences, foster new business models, and accomplish digital transformation or modernization objectives. According to a recent study, migrating on-premises infrastructure to AWS can provide quantifiable business values…

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Amazon EventBridge Optimizes Cloud Costs With nOps Scheduler

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cloud cost optimization is a daunting undertaking for both cloud-enabled and native companies. From controlling resources to eliminating waste, the complexity of RI management is a challenge that enterprises and SMBs face constantly. Industry titans aren’t bulletproof to these cloud obstacles, especially with event-driven applications at scale. The goal is to deliver flawless customer experiences…

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Introducing AWS MAP Tracker – Maximize MAP Funding, Track Progress & Automatically Tag Resources with nOps AWS Migration Tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tracking your migration progress can be challenging as there are several moving pieces. To maximize your MAP funding, you have to stay on schedule and also make sure all of your resources are tagged properly. Every day that you have resources that are not tagged properly, you lose money, leading to thousands of dollars wasted…

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