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nOps Rules – Root-user MFA

Enabling root user multi-factor authentication is great security practice. Some companies go as far as enabling physical MFA and locking it down in vault somewhere. nOps provide easy overview which one of your projects don’t have root MFA enabled. You

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nOps Rules – Unrestricted SSH

Allowing SSH access to everyone is not a secure practice. Once you configure Unrestricted SSH Monitoring, any time someone opens port 22 to all, you’ll receive real-time notification. Unrestricted SSH Rule To enable the rule, simply go to the “Available

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nOps Rules – Users without MFA

Multi-factor authentication is hard to enforce in AWS, yet is it recommended through AWS Security best practices to have it enabled for all users. nOps allows you receive real time alerts when any of your users login to AWS console

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nOps Rules – AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail provides audit trail for your cloud infrastructure. This is one of the services that should be enabled by default, but it’s not. Enabling AWS CloudTrail on all your AWS accounts is good security practice. nOps Rule allows you

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