How To Find Resources Covered By Savings Plan With nOps: A Step-by-Step Guide!

Reading Time: 4 minutes At nOps, we process over a billion dollars of AWS spend, and one of the most  common questions we get from customers during onboarding is, “What resources are covered by my current Saving plans?” However, finding all the resources covered by Savings Plans can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With RIs…

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Understanding Chargeback Tagging And The Best Practices
Understanding Chargeback Tagging And The Best Practices!

Reading Time: 8 minutes AWS has become the preferred cloud provider for many organizations worldwide–helping them scale their IT infrastructure and boost their cloud computing operations. But even with all AWS value additions, there is no denying that it’s still a costly affair. Chargeback tagging can optimize cloud costs by analyzing your usage, identifying opportunities to reduce costs, and…

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New – Introducing AWS Graviton recommendations

Reading Time: 2 minutes 48 of the top 50 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) customers use AWS Graviton processors for their workloads. Companies are moving AWS Graviton processors moving at an incredible rate. nOps helps customers to identify opportunities to help them modernize their workload. When it comes to modernization, Graviton processors are cheaper and also have better…

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Identify unencrypted volumes

How to find EC2 instances in my production environment that don’t have EBS snapshots enabled? You can easily find EC2 instances in your production using nOps GraphQL Explorer.nOps gives you the ability to access and automate all of your cloud and hybrid cloud data in real time. By using GraphQL explorer. you can run quiries…

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