Unused resources accumulate in AWS as your workflows change and evolve. We do not tend to think about tidying up loose ends every time a workflow change occurs. For example, when you stop an EC2 instance, your automation might not delete EBS volumes. These volumes pile up and continue to incur cost. ELB has a similar problem, we find that customer doesn’t have any healthy instances behind ELB. When you enable unused resources monitoring, you will receive summary and real time alerts about unused EBS and ELB volumes.

Unused Resources Rule

To enable the rule, simply go to the “Available nOps Rules” tab in nOps Rules and click on the Unused Resources Check” rule.

Unused Resources Summary

Once enabled, the rule will appear on the “Applied nOps Rules” tab with a count of all resources that violates the rule.

Unused Resources Detail

Clicking on the rule in the “Applied nOps Rules” tab, you will be able to see, in detail, the resources which are unused.

Unused Resources Alerts

Once enabled, you can configure your nOps account to receive email, Slack, and/or Hipchat alerts.