azure infrastructure

Why You Need to Migrate Your On-Premises IT to Azure Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure is the second leading public cloud provider after AWS (Amazon Web Services). When you migrate an on-premise IT to Azure infrastructure, you will get many services, offers, and third-party tools. You can launch several services like Compute VMs (Virtual Machines), Machine-learning apps, Data analysis, Backup, networking, and many more on Azure Infrastructure. A…

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cloud finops

What Is Cloud FinOps?

Cloud FinOps is a cloud financial management system aimed to achieve maximum business value. It is a cultural practice that combines the best practices and organizational culture to achieve financial accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud. This operational framework brings together business, finance, and technology together to accelerate business value and drive…

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azure management

What Is Azure Management and How Can You Do It?

Azure Management is a framework that defines how users launch and maintain services in the Azure cloud. Azure Management cycle covers all Azure internal tools, Azure CSPs, and other cloud providers linked to Azure infrastructure. The Azure management lifecycle has six phases: The Migration phase deploys your resources from public and on-premise servers to Azure…

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Factors to Consider When Creating Azure Chargeback Model

Azure chargeback model is a financial management framework of allocating costs for different units in your organization depending on their spending. Designers use this framework to create cost transparency and stick to preset budgets. Implementing an acceptable Azure chargeback model can have numerous benefits for your company. It makes business units aware of the resources…

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What Are the Pros and Cons of AWS Chargebacks?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) chargeback is an IT financial management strategy of recovering costs from different business units according to their spending. It allocates the cost of AWS services to the business unit where your business needs them. AWS chargeback occurs when you charge each business unit on your main account according to how much…

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aws chargeback model

How to Create an Effective AWS Chargeback Model

An AWS (Amazon Web Services) chargeback model allows IT companies to charge business units or their customers for the resources they use. Chargebacks shift the burden of IT spending to each user, rather than the administrators. Business units become more disciplined, keeping costs in mind when utilizing AWS resources. An AWS chargeback model enables business…

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cloud economics

What is Cloud Economics and Why is it Important?

Cloud economics is all about understanding cloud migration’s principles and cost-benefit analysis. It helps CIOs (chief information officer) and IT leaders weigh on the costs of security and compliance, management, and infrastructure to determine if migrating resources to the cloud is a good idea. Ideally, cloud economics is an approach to determining whether cloud migration…

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aws cloud

Benefits of Migrating Your IT Resources to AWS Cloud

Cloud computing has gained relevance for the past decade, thanks to the numerous benefits it offers. As more organizations realize the benefits of on-demand delivery, cloud platforms are gaining even more traction. If you want to future-proof your business, it’s imperative to consider migration to a more agile cloud platform. AWS cloud is at the…

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aws trusted advisor

Comprehensive Guide to the AWS Trusted Advisor

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Trusted Advisor helps you get an almost perfect cloud by giving recommendations based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. If you’re familiar with the AWS Well-Architected model, you know that the cloud should be secure, reliable, fault-tolerant, and cost-optimized. While there are hundreds of best practices in each pillar, it’s challenging…

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aws cost explorer

How to Analyze Cloud Cost Using the AWS Cost Explorer

You can keep AWS (Amazon Web Service) costs under control using the AWS Cost Explorer. The AWS Cost Explorer is a cost management tool that lets users see how costs vary over time. With this software, you can export reports, detect anomalous usage patterns, view periods with the highest cloud spending, and much more. You…

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