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10 Most Recommended Cloud Management Platforms in 2023!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Scalability, cost savings, and operational effectiveness are just a few advantages of the cloud. But here’s the situation. As workloads, applications, services, and supporting infrastructure increase, organizing, monitoring, and controlling a cloud environment may become challenging. Businesses may better manage and keep an eye on their cloud infrastructure services, resources, and data by using cloud…

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Announcing nOps Scheduler & Amazon EventBridge Integration

Reading Time: 3 minutes nOps is a fully automated FinOps platform that helps companies automatically identify and eliminate cloud waste. What’s more, you only pay for what you save, so we focus on making the best recommendations based on your workloads while also making it simple for you to act on the recommendations. We analyze utilization data to detect…

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New – Introducing AWS Graviton recommendations

Reading Time: 2 minutes 48 of the top 50 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) customers use AWS Graviton processors for their workloads. Companies are moving AWS Graviton processors moving at an incredible rate. nOps helps customers to identify opportunities to help them modernize their workload. When it comes to modernization, Graviton processors are cheaper and also have better…

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New – Create Monthly AWS FinOps Reports with Trends & Metrics for Your Customers using nOps Tools

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many partners send monthly reports to their customers. Partners normally highlight cost trends along with partner recommendations. Many of the partners use nOps to collect the information, but we learned the process of collecting the data and sharing it with the customer is pretty manual. Today we are announcing a better way for partners to…

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Find Untagged Resources & Automated Tagging Using AWS System Manager

Reading Time: 2 minutes We recently launched functionality to automatically tag migration resources. Today, we are announcing automated tagging using AWS as System Manager. It’s common to see a key with 20+ values., With nOps, you can visualize helps to visualizing these entries making it easy for you to see the cost for each application. nOps has a direct…

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Reduce NAT Gateway Costs Using nOps Deep Insight Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Caused the Network Cost Spike? Sounds like an easy question right? If you are responsible for managing cloud spend, AWS NAT Gateways are one of the classic AWS gotchas. What causes a networking spike is not an easy question to answer. NAT gateway cost can run up your AWS bill quickly without you realizing…

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Increase AWS Cost Savings with nOps Kubernetes (K8s) Cost Allocation, Optimization & Management Solution.

Reading Time: 5 minutes The cost of Kubernetes is a mystery to most of our clients. Since multiple teams share the clusters to run their services, Kubernetes’ cost allocation and optimization are difficult. If you look at the AWS billing console, you see the billing view below. However, the actual cost is much higher. In the billing console, you…

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Reliability or Optimize Cost? nOps’ automated well-architected assessment can help to make the right tradeoff

Reading Time: 3 minutes nOps is the #1 tool for performing automated well-architected assessments. Business priorities change and infrastructure is constantly evolving to meet the business requirements. nOps makes it easy for developers and DevOps engineers to conduct automated assessments and remediate high-risk issues. Not all workloads are created equal. For some workloads, you must optimize for reliability, for…

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How I Saved My Company $15,000 by Finding and Removing Untagged AWS Resources Using nOps Cloud Management Platform

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve been thinking about how to start this post for the past week. Do I start it off with “Why does every Cost Optimization webinar, conversation, or chat always talk about tagging or the lack thereof?” Probably for the same reason that I’m writing this post about tagging and how I saved my company $15k…

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