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nKS' new multi-provisioner configuration makes AWS cost optimization effortless

nKS’s New Multi-Provisioner Configuration Makes AWS Cost Optimization Effortless

Reading Time: 2 minutes Economic uncertainty is increasing the pressure to reduce cloud spend, and companies are looking for ways to optimize their resource management. As the industry shifts towards Kubernetes, EKS is one of the biggest expenses — and thus a low-hanging fruit for optimization. Kubernetes configurations are often set once and not reassessed for months or until…

Benefits of Apache Druid and Why Do We at nOps Use It (1)

Elevating AWS Cost and Usage Analytics (CUR) through Apache Druid at nOps

Reading Time: 9 minutes Every billable action in any given AWS account is recorded in the Cost and Usage Report (CUR) on an hourly basis, per ARN. Thus, CUR stands as the starting point for all FinOps analysis. Each CUR is based on a calendar month, so as the month progresses, the row count increases. By the end of…

How Can You Measure Your AWS Cost Per Customer (SaaS)_

How Can You Measure Your AWS Cost Per Customer (SaaS)?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Businesses are not just about sales revenue or marketing expenses; they are about understanding the Cost per Customer as it pertains to “Cost of Goods Sold.” Or perhaps, in the SaaS world, “Cost of Services Sold” would be more accurate. The cost of doing business is multi-faceted; it takes into account all the expenses incurred…

The challenges of AWS Reserved Instance Optimization

The Challenges of AWS Reserved Instance Optimization!

Reading Time: 5 minutes AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) offer significant cost savings for organizations utilizing Amazon Web Services. However, tracking and analyzing the utilization of Reserved Instances across multiple accounts can be challenging. With over 2,000 types of Reserved Instances available, each offering different savings, break-even points, and suitability, ensuring maximum savings can be challenging. Additionally, the differences between…

The Complete Guide to Cloud TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)!

The Complete Guide to Cloud TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Costs are one of the major reasons organizations transition from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, apart from high availability and scalability. But it’s essential to understand the total costs of ownership of the cloud to estimate the return on investment that it can provide. Cloud TCO can assess costs related to the cloud before you…

Identifying And Overcoming Hesitations For Migrating From gp2 To gp3!

Identifying And Overcoming Hesitations For Migrating From gp2 To gp3!

Reading Time: 5 minutes EBS volumes are an essential component in the AWS ecosystem, offering a flexible storage solution for EC2 instances, much like traditional hard drives. However, it is crucial to effectively manage EBS volumes to optimize your AWS costs. These volumes serve as reliable storage options, serving as a viable alternative to permanent and resilient storage solutions…

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