How Mode2 uses nOps to speed AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews and achieve 100% client acceptance of remediation proposals.


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Mode2 is a consulting and cloud services partner that helps U.S. companies to extract the maximum value from cloud-native computing and digital transformation. Their experts coach clients to achieve new levels of success through the cloud adoption lifecycle, driving programs that place people at the core of the business change.

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Accelerate AWS Well-Architected Review discovery, improve recommendations, and increase the client acceptance rate of remediation proposals.


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Faster, Automated Discovery For AWS Well-Architected Reviews

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Fact-Based Insights And Strategic Remediation Discussions

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100% Client Acceptance Rate Of Remediation Proposals

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Cost Optimization, Security Compliance, And Change Management


Accelerate AWS Well-Architected Review discovery, improve recommendations, and increase the client acceptance rate of remediation proposals.

Mode2 wanted to provide greater value to their clients during AWS Well-Architected Reviews. They sought to make the discovery process faster and yield more reliable information about the customer’s environment. Mode2 wanted to have deeper, fact-based discussions with clients to help them drive their business – and increase the acceptance rate of remediation proposals.

"We’re so impressed with nOps’ automated discovery for AWS Well-Architected Reviews. The time-savings are invaluable, and the depth and detail of insights enable more proactive and strategic recommendations to our clients. It makes a difference – we have 100% acceptance of our remediation proposals using nOps for Well-Architected Reviews.” - Krystle Khoo, Director of Sales & Alliances, Mode2


Mode2 uses nOps to perform all AWS Well-Architected Reviews with their clients. nOps includes a partner portal designed specifically for consultants like Mode2 – providing cross-account views, white labeling, the ability to add custom questions to the assessment, automatic encryption of Well-Architected Review Reports, versioning, and more.

nOps automates discovery of a client’s AWS architecture associated with the Review, rapidly identifying areas that do not align with Well-Architected best practices and other industry guidelines (like SOC2 and HIPAA). The process is automated, taking only a fraction of the time of manual surveys that are only as good as the input provided.

nOps instantly reveals opportunities to improve resource utilization and Reserved Instances planning, terminate zombie instances, close security gaps, and more — across the Well-Architected pillars. The comprehensive and accurate analysis of the client’s infrastructure and it’s alignment with Well-Architected guidelines helps Mode2’s solutions architects create more relevant remediation recommendations.

“Besides helping us create strong remediation proposals, the nOps tool has helped Mode2 articulate the tangible benefits of working with us,” shares Simon Plant, Founder & CEO of Mode2. “Throughout the project engagements, our clients can easily view the impact of our improvements through the nOps dashboard and reports, such as a 20%+ in total monthly cloud cost savings, 50%+ cost savings by optimizing EC2 instances, eliminating 90%+ of zombie instances, and achieving 0 underutilized resources. With similar improvements shown in security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence, we have been able to build long-term relationships with our clients to deliver continued improvements.”

"Our customers expect business results. nOps’ automation delivers better productivity and insights for our solutions architects that translates to faster time to good architecture. That’s enabled us to deliver cost savings, improved security and compliance, and better change management at levels that really excite our customers."

- Simon Plant, Founder & CEO, Mode2


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