How Valcann uses nOps to deliver better, faster AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews and build better architecture for its clients.


About Valcann

Valcann is a provider of cloud professional services and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network. It specializes in cloud operations including AWS managed services, monitoring, operating systems, database administration, SysOps and DevOps architectures, and on-call support. They are an AWS Authorized Commercial Reseller and AWS Public Sector Partner. As an nOps Partner, Valcann benefits from collaboration on training, support, and marketing. To learn more, go to


Consulting and cloud services partner


Improve the speed and quality of AWS Well-Architected Reviews, enable fact-based remediation recommendations to clients.


Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil (HQ) and offices in Fortaleza, Salvador, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Improve the speed and quality of AWS Well-Architected Reviews, enable fact-based remediation recommendations to clients.

Valcann wanted to provide greater value to its customers during AWS Well-Architected Reviews. They sought to make the discovery and remediation processes run faster. And, Valcann wanted more reliable information about the customer’s environment to have deeper, fact-based discussions and provide improved remediation recommendations.

"Using nOps, we have helped customers achieve impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure. Simply put, nOps enables us to build better architecture faster for our customers. It really fits our DevOps culture." - Carlos Diego Cavalcanti, Chief Technology Officer, Valcann and an AWS Ambassador


Valcann uses nOps to accelerate assessments of its customers’ AWS infrastructure, identify high-risk issues (HRIs) and navigate change. nOps automates the discovery of high-risk issues in a customer’s AWS architecture aligned directly with AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars and guidelines revealing non-compliance with Well-Architected best practices. Using nOps, Valcann can execute the discovery process in a fraction of the time it takes to do a standard survey — and with more accuracy.

“nOps is making our team more productive,” said Cavalcanti. “Our solutions architects (SAs) can conduct faster and better Well-Architected Reviews, aligned with the real gaps in our customers’ infrastructure. And we’re now able to conduct multiple Reviews happening at the same time. Plus, nOps has helped us speed up our implementation of remediations — what used to take months can now be completed in weeks!”

nOps’ comprehensive and accurate analysis of the client’s infrastructure and its alignment with Well-Architected guidelines helps Valcann’s SAs create more relevant remediation recommendations and have fact-based discussions with its customers.

And, after the Review, nOps can provide Valcann’s customers with ongoing change management support to help them achieve continuous compliance with Well-Architected best practices. Valcann is finding that nOps excels at monitoring dynamic infrastructure, with drill-down dashboards, automated cost and security notifications, and flexible tagging. It fits with their fast-moving DevOps teams.

"nOps is more than a cloud management platform. As our partner, they’re committed to helping us deliver better architecture for our clients and grow our AWS business. It shows in their services, the collaboration, as well as the scope and direction of the nOps platform."

- Carlos Diego Cavalcanti, Chief Technology Officer, Valcann and an AWS Ambassador


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