Case Study Boom TV (Data Backup and Recovery)

Executive Summary

Boom TV is a remote training and learning company who has trained more than 6,000 people over 10 years. Remote training sessions offered by the Boom TV are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of each learner and maintain the same level of involvement as in-person training.


It was the Boom TV's Director of Technology's goal to find the best technology to support remote work and streamline workflow. Internal audits to improve data compliance and security led to an expansion of the project's scope in terms of data backup and recovery in a more compliant way. These audits revealed various areas that might have been improved.It was a smart move by the Boom TV because it would allow them to grow more quickly and more effectively while also reducing their overall costs of maintaining onsite storage and backup infrastructure including physical servers and external hard drives for local backup.


nOps helped Boom TV in transferring data from an on-premises to AWS Simple Storage Service. Data tiering application Rclone was employed by the company since it provides built-in support for the File Fabric. Over the course of the weekend, data was sent to Amazon Simple Storage Service. In addition to a web browser UI, mobile devices, and Cloud Drive, the File Fabric gave Boom TV's users several ways to access their Amazon Simple Storage Service data.The File Fabric added substantial new features in terms of security and compliance. Encryption via streaming encryption and an audit trail that records all data access events were two of the most important features.

Benefits – Cost Effective Solution

The Data to Cloud and AWS storage solution decreased our Boom TVs' total cost of ownership (TCO) for our backup service by a third by eliminating the need for physical backup equipment and proprietary backup licenses. By making data retrieval easier, the customer's restore procedure time was reduced from 2 Days to 4 hours. Additional benefits included a reduction in Boom TV physical infrastructure, as it was not necessary to maintain onsite storage and backup systems. AWS Powered storage solution eliminated 70 percent time &infrastructure costs for Boom TV. Infrastructure costs were slashed from $50,000 to $15,000 while time savings accounted for 30 hours per month.

Benefits – Speed, Agility, and Improved Data Governance

Boom TV was facing the challenges in adhering to GDPR andcorporate governance legislation. The legacy backup servicesused were on-premises through a third-party provider&deemed excessive regarding time, money, & resources. Implementation of our solution not only provided speed and agility but also enhanced the level of data security by improving Data Loss Prevention Strategies of Boom TV thus helping them staying compliant with all applicable frameworks and legislations.

After implementation of solution the Boom TV had first-hand knowledge of the advantages of the cloud, including its increased speed, ease of use, and lower cost. An effective, automated cloud service was provided to the Boom TV by working with the nOps team on their data storage and legacy data retrieval needs.

Solution Architecture

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