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How nOps helped Travel Edu set up a robust storage solution that met their ambitious timeframes and exceeded their performance objectives.

About Travel Edu

Travel Edu is one of the world's most reputable and successful travel companies, with a long and illustrious history. Its reputation has been founded on journalistic integrity, making it the go-to source for global travel content. Using the expertise of its specialized section, the Travel Edu is committed to providing objective, accurate, educational, and dependable material to the travel industry and to commercial partners in various formats.


Relocating datacenters is never a simple process, especially when it has to be done at the same time as a big technological upgrade that necessitates large financial expenditures and a significant amount of valuable IT time. For instance, Travel Edu relied on nOps’ Storage solution, providing AWS data backup, archive, and data recovery through nOps Dashboard and APIs to connect with AWS Storage Services when they wanted to move critical operating resources to AWS and upgrade their storage infrastructure.


nOps was able to swiftly integrate Travel Edu’s AWS Simple Storage Service with a data lake that could fit Travel Edu's enterprise-grade storage demands without sacrificing key day-one performance thanks to our AWS-powered Storage services. Our Storage solution offered Travel Edu with real-time data processing, and archiving of on-premises data with a scalable and quickly deployable storage with all the security and performance they could expect, all backed by Service Level Agreements, extensive reporting, and performance-driven analytics.

Benefits – Simpler Solution

nOps supplied Travel Edu with a robust storage solution that met their ambitious timeframes and exceeded their performance objectives by promptly delivering available storage in configurable performance levels with no Capital Expense. To better connect the company's technology spending with its fundamental business requirements, nOps and Travel Edu have formed a partnership.

By using the nOps storage solution, Travel Edu can save money while also simplifying their on-premises infrastructure. Because of the inherent automation in AWS with nOps, both the development and ongoing support and maintenance expenses are reduced.

Improved Decision Making and Massive Cost Reduction

For the end users of the Travel Edu, nOps' solution reduced the amount of time they had to wait. Travel Edus were able to make near-real-time business decisions because of 220% boost in processing speed. The old legacy system has a 90-day data storage limit. Their Amazon Simple Storage Service data lake now archives all changes in order to provide a complete archive of previous data.

Travel Edu is now able to accurately track data usage and provide timely reporting, look at trends to ensure scalability, meet strict compliance requirements and save a significant amount of money on storage costs considering the overall storage solution, which contributes to 75% overall reduction as compared to their on-premises storage spend of $8,000 per month thus reducing the spend to $2,300 per month. Workspace utilization reports can now be obtained with this solution, and development and operational expenditures are kept to a minimum.

Solution Architecture

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