aws billing and cost management
AWS Billing and Cost Management: The Secret to Keeping Cloud Costs in Check

Reading Time: 3 minutes Amazon launched a service to help its users do everything concerning their cloud bills. AWS billing and cost management helps users to pay bills, track spending, and analyze their expenditures. Since it helps analyze and control spending, it’s possible to keep cloud costs in check with this service.Whether you want to estimate cloud costs or…

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5 Reasons AWS Service Catalog is Sexy for DevOps and Cloud

Reading Time: < 1 minutes As organizations expand cloud adoption, it becomes critical to track assets, build workflows, and secure workloads in a defined and standardized manner. With AWS Service Catalog, you can launch pre-approved resources in AWS and incorporate existing ITSM and ITOM systems into your cloud workflows to eliminate silos and encourage DevOps best practices. At nClouds, we’re…

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