Partners Case Studies

How the AWS Well-Architected Tool Helps Improve Security

Cloud security is of the essence, especially at a time when cyber threats are becoming overly sophisticated and detrimental. Data breaches, malware, phishing, and denial-of-service attacks have become common issues. Also, with misconfigurations rife, most organizations miss out on crucial security aspects, leading to widespread breaches. The AWS Well-Architected Tool provides AWS partners with a…

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What is the Best Way to Minimize AWS Data Transfer Costs between Regions?

Data is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. When hosted in AWS, it gives the organization more flexibility and access, enhancing its value. However, AWS data transfer costs between regions can be expensive. Unlike transfers with Availability Zones that tend to be less expensive, transferring outside a region can pile up a lot of…

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How enhanced visual clues in nOps provide a better Well-Architected Framework Review experience

Sometimes it feels like your eyes go “WAFR weary” when you have to navigate repeated AWS Well-Architected Framework Review’s (“WAFR”): five pillars, fifty-two questions and two-hundred-and-eighty answers can really make them water!  AWS architects that use nOps for deeper and more automated WAFRs have asked for more visual clues to ease their eye strain. We’ve…

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How to Reduce AWS S3 Storage Costs

Amazon S3 is the most popular of the various AWS Storage Services. You can use AWS S3 to store big data analytics, blogs, enterprise backup storage, static websites, personal files, and gallery items. In addition, it comes with flexible pricing that allows you to pay for the services you need. You can use Amazon S3…

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Best AWS Security Compliance Practices

The AWS cloud environment is rapidly changing, and all assets require robust security. A secure cloud environment not only improves a business’ reputation but also elevates the customer experience.  AWS by itself is secure, but you have to play a part in maintaining high security levels. This is because security is a shared responsibility between…

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How to Get the Best Out of Your Amazon Cloud Cost Management Platform

AWS pricing plans come with pros and cons. While discounts help users save on costs, AWS bills can be a huge hindrance to growth. That’s why everyone needs to make good use of the AWS cloud cost management platform. The platform dives deep into AWS cost centers and helps you optimize processes.  Some of the…

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Cloud Management 2.0

AWS cloud management 2.0: what is it and why should you care?

The reason your business uses AWS is to improve flexibility, save money and be more efficient. However, with your infrastructure growing rapidly in both size and complexity, and with more applications migrating to the cloud, accomplishing these goals is becoming increasingly difficult. You’re not the only one struggling. Jay Chapel estimated that, between idle and…

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aws chargebacks

Four Strategies for Implementing AWS Chargebacks

You can use AWS chargebacks in your billing process to apply the cost of bills to specific cost centers in a business unit. AWS chargebacks can help organizations lower their operating costs. In cloud computing, there’s a culture of paying for what you use. But what happens when costs escalate, and you feel you didn’t…

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aws billing and cost management

AWS Billing and Cost Management: The Secret to Keeping Cloud Costs in Check

Amazon launched a service to help its users do everything concerning their cloud bills. AWS billing and cost management helps users to pay bills, track spending, and analyze their expenditures. Since it helps analyze and control spending, it’s possible to keep cloud costs in check with this service.Whether you want to estimate cloud costs or…

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chargeback models for cloud

How to Do Effective Chargebacks Models for the Cloud

In cloud computing, chargeback models help users to bill the cost to internal consumers of cloud services. It means that not all expenditure falls under one department. Instead, each business unit becomes responsible for its consumption. The foundation of an effective chargeback depends on four main factors. With these factors in mind, you can have…

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