How I Saved My Company $15,000 by Finding and Removing Untagged AWS Resources Using nOps Cloud Management Platform

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve been thinking about how to start this post for the past week. Do I start it off with “Why does every Cost Optimization webinar, conversation, or chat always talk about tagging or the lack thereof?” Probably for the same reason that I’m writing this post about tagging and how I saved my company $15k…

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azure tagging
Azure Tagging Best Practices

Reading Time: 3 minutes Azure provides organizations with an efficient platform for enterprise-class deployment. However, users find it hard to track resources and automate deployment. So what are Azure tags? Azure tags are user-defined name-value or key-value pairs that enable users to manage, organize, and automate resources. You can use tags to drive various actions, including cost management reporting,…

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Tags Manager
How to Use Tagging to Prevent AWS Costs from Spiraling Out of Control

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tags are essential to ensure that you can view meaningful information on AWS billing. Without tags, you see only the cost for AWS services, resources, operation type, or usage type on your AWS bill. Depending on your role, these dimensions may or may not mean anything to you.  However, by using tags, you get visibility…

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Save AWS Cloud Costs by Using Tags to Detect Unused Amazon EC2 Instances

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all have had this scenario: You have something that needs urgent testing, maybe a new build, perhaps a user data addition that you need to tweak before the next prod release. What do we do? We fire up an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance and begin testing. That’s the beauty of the…

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nOps Rules – Tag Violation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monitoring for tag compliance is the most effective way to ensure compliance for your cloud environments. If your organization doesn’t enforce proper tagging policies, eventually, no one will know who originally launched the resources and for what purpose. With nOps’ flexible tag-violation configuration, you will receive real-time notification if newly launched resources violate the tag…

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