AWS resource and cost optimization

Be ready to help your customers realize the full cost benefits of their cloud strategy.

Saving your customers money is an act of love. So nOps helps you keep your customers’ cloud spend in check, consolidate billing, and ensure they have the right size infrastructure for their needs. They spend less, but love you more.


Our partners are saving their people money.

Optimize your customers’ overall cloud spend: identify mismanaged resources, eliminate waste, reserve capacity for higher discounts, and size their computing services to scale.

Cost savings are one of the primary reasons your customer moved to the cloud. Yet many organizations ignore the opportunity to optimize costs beyond their initial CapEx and OpEx gains.

They may move their workloads into cloud but retain the strategy they used for hosting on physical infrastructure. But taking this approach will often dramatically increase the costs of their cloud infrastructure.

With nOps, help optimize their cloud costs by centralizing cloud accounts into a consolidated billing model, providing instant and continuous visibility to change requests and delta to infrastructure, consolidating cloud accounts, and providing better oversight/control of cloud spend.

Centralize customer AWS accounts into a consolidated billing model.
Reduce account sprawl to avoid inefficient consumption of AWS services leading to overspending.
Aggregate AWS spend to benefit from tiered discounts and aggregated support costs.
View and control cloud usage throughout the organization.
With consolidated billing, customers can save money on business support for multiple accounts, compared to purchasing support for each individual AWS account.
Migrate existing accounts and link new accounts — easily!
Consolidate an infinite number of AWS accounts under a Master Customer Account. Provision new AWS accounts and link existing AWS accounts to create a fully consolidated bill.
View all AWS accounts (as well as those from other cloud providers) in a single pane of glass.
Be the hero when you identify 18-50% cost savings.
Help clients save up to 50% or more with smarter planning of Spot Instances and Reserved Instances.
Identify zombie instances and underutilized resources for immediate savings.
Eliminate surprises in customers' AWS invoices with machine learning-based detection and real-time alerts of billing anomalies.

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