nOps helps game maker reduce AWS cloud costs by 35% and improve security.


About Game Developer

Game Developer is an award-winning creator of visual, adaptive games to help students master the most challenging K-6 standards for math fluency and conceptual understanding. Their educational learning games use adaptive technology to help students learn and understand difficult math concepts such as number sense, place value, mental arithmetic, multiplication, fractions, the number line, and estimation.

Their games have been downloaded more than five million times, and are delivered to school districts and parents via iOS devices, iPhones, iPads, and their website.


Education technology, learning games


United States


Optimize costs and enhance security and compliance in their AWS cloud environment on a continuous basis.

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nClouds, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, was collaborating with the Game Developer team to improve the security, reliability, and scalability of their AWS environment. Once the improved AWS infrastructure was in place, they wanted to ensure they were optimizing costs, security, and compliance on a continuous basis. nClouds introduced them to nOps cloud management for AWS to address those needs.

So how could Game Developer stay focused on helping children find delight in intellectual challenge while gaining confidence that their infrastructure is cost-optimized, compliant, and secure – continuously?


Game Developer was introduced to nOps during an AWS Well-Architected Review. nOps provided fast, automated discovery of critical issues in their infrastructure based on Well-Architected guidelines. The Review showed opportunities for enhancing cost optimization, security, and operational excellence – including higher utilization of resources, implementing centralized deployment, and standardization of workflow and approvals.

After the Review, they used nOps to support continuous compliance:

  • Optimize costs. nOps enables them to more easily view and track infrastructure costs by project, AWS account, resource, and employee. It provides a consolidated view of their changes and costs without having to go into the AWS console.
  • Enhance security and compliance. nOps identifies publicly accessible resources, open ports, and protocols to help avoid the most common causes of security breaches and data leaks.

Game Developer liked nOps for its:

  • Comprehensive security dashboard for real-time status.
  • Automated checks and alerts based on security rules.
  • Change management report and audit trail to identify and track changes essential to compliance requirements.
  • Tracking of Identity and Access Management (IAM) groups and associated permissions.

“I particularly like the Change Reports that nOps provides because we can see who is using what — and at what cost — and take remedial action to stem unnecessary AWS expense.” - Director of Engineering - Learning Games, Game Developer

“I recently saw the Reserved Instance comparison feature you rolled out. Pretty cool, definitely useful.”

- Director of Engineering - Learning Games, Game Developer


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