Grupo JCPM accelerates delivery of ecommerce platform on AWS to meet COVID-19 needs of retail customers.


About Grupo JCPM

Grupo JCPM is a Brazilian business group and media conglomerate. It invests in shopping malls, develops real estate projects, and runs a multimedia communication system that delivers up-to-date news and entertainment. Grupo JCPM is well known in northeast Brazil for creating the Bompreço supermarket and hypermarket chain and the Hipercard credit card. To learn more, go to


Real Estate, Shopping Malls, Media & Entertainment, eCommerce


Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil - HQ


Deliver an ecommerce platform on AWS that optimizes cloud costs, enhances security compliance, and improves underutilized resources.

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To expand the sources of income for the store owners in their malls, Grupo JCPM launched a project in July 2019 to build and deliver an ecommerce platform. The objective was to provide not only a web platform but the entire logistics process, from collecting orders in stores to delivering them to customers. Their focus was the entire blueprint of their architecture. They needed an adaptive platform — built to provide agility, flexibility, security compliance, cost optimization, and high performance — to support their growth objectives. Grupo JCPM originally planned to deliver the platform throughout 2020 to its 11 malls. With the start of the COVID-19 crisis, they decided to accelerate the launch of the platform due to the significant reduction in foot traffic to traditional shopping malls impacting its retailers.


In October 2019, Grupo JCPM reached out to Valcann, a provider of cloud professional services headquartered in Brazil and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Valcann used nOps, from the AWS Advanced Technology Partner of the same name, to accelerate both an AWS Well-Architected Review and the launch of the ecommerce platform.

Based on the findings of the Review, Valcann recommended optimizing several aspects of Grupo JCPM’s architecture: database restructuring, migration to Amazon Aurora, re-architecting static objects to object storage on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and moving dynamic content to the compute layer on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Grupo JCPM asked Valcann to deliver as many improvements as possible without the need to refactor code. It was essential for the platform to scale to support any traffic load and provide best practices security. Valcann provided migration and delivered a robust DevOps environment on AWS.

“We’re very impressed with the recommendations provided by nOps and Valcann that help us optimize our AWS costs, resource utilization, and security. The data on these remarkable results speak for themselves.” - Sergio Barreto, Innovation Director, Grupo JCPM

Valcann completed the first phase of the project, including the cache layer. In the second phase, Valcann began decoupling the infrastructure. They plan to implement fully managed AWS services (AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB) to build and run serverless applications, plus dozens of other AWS services, including Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation, and more.

Grupo JCPM is now using nOps for continuous support of cost management, security, and change management. nOps’ real-time notifications of AWS resource utilization patterns enabled a 21% improvement in underutilized resources. nOps helped Grupo JCPM achieve 27% monthly AWS cost savings by monitoring workload changes that impact costs. nOps’ automation workflows and rules, based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s security best practices, have enabled Grupo JCPM to identify and resolve 32 security issues.

"What was at first an innovation initiative to provide our mall tenants with a source of additional income turned out to be a critical financial lifeline for those storekeepers when COVID-19 crisis hit. We’re grateful to Valcann and nOps for helping us accelerate the creation and launch of this digital platform."

- Sergio Barreto, Innovation Director, Grupo JCPM

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