nOps helps New Context quickly reduce AWS costs by 15% and eliminate 99.7% of underutilized resources.


About New Context

New Context is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Since 2013, it has been an innovator in data security for highly regulated industries, including energy, telecommunications, finance, and government. New Context applies its DevSecOps background and expertise in cloud-native toolkits to provide its customers around the globe with innovative security orchestration, security and compliance integration into software pipelines, automation of infrastructure and compliance, cloud migration and optimization, and data governance. To learn more, go to

In March 2021, New Context was acquired by Copado (


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Discover hidden costs and remove unused, forgotten, or abandoned AWS resources that are siphoning funds.

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New Context was plagued with unexplained costs that were driving up its AWS bills. They needed help deciphering AWS billing statements to determine the sources of unexpected costs and eliminate them.


Mike Bergfors, Director of Operations at New Context, used nOps to perform an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) as an experiment. In hours instead of weeks, Mike’s self-guided WAFR revealed opportunities for enhancing cost optimization, including improved utilization of resources, terminating zombie instances, and optimization of EBS volumes that he and the engineering staff had been unable to locate. In his first analysis using nOps, Mike found 15% in AWS cost savings. With the details that nOps uncovered, Mike realized that 99.7% of unexplained costs were caused by unattached Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes, of which most were 8GB Linux-based installs.

To remediate these high costs, New Context moved orphaned projects to Amazon S3 Glacier for low-cost archiving and removed eight workloads that were zombie instances.

Minimizing overhead while maximizing efficiency is the optimum balance for any company. nOps gave New Context both by exposing hidden AWS costs and saving weeks of labor-intensive account analysis for Mike, which contributed to improved operational efficiency.

Impressed with nOps’s capabilities, New Context plans to use nOps to provide their customers with security sweeps of their infrastructure and remediation services based on nOps’s findings. “It gives us another arrow in our quiver for MSP services,” said Mike Bergfors, Director of Operations at New Context.

The nOps Dashboard instantly shows where costs originate and where problems arise so I can take action to remediate. nOps works like a forensic accountant.”

-Mike Bergfors, Director of Operations, New Context



“nOps is very easy to get started with, easy to get results, and saves many thousands of dollars. It more than paid for itself in the first few days.”


-Mike Bergfors, Director of Operations, New Context

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