nOps helps Onriva reduce AWS cloud costs by 35%, focus on growth.


About Onriva

Onriva is an industry-transforming travel platform that is leveraging the latest standards and technologies (NDC), AI, and machine learning to provide a personalized one-stop shopping experience for all travel, including air, hotels, cars, packages, and more. To learn more, go to


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Foster City, CA


Support rapid business growth while enhancing the security, automation, and cost optimization of their AWS infrastructure.

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Onriva needed a modernized AWS infrastructure capable of managing change, enhancing stability, and easily scaling to support their aggressive business objective of growing their user base by more than 100x in one year, to handle millions of customers.

So how could Onriva quickly scale up to help more and more customers find the best flights and cheapest airfares ‒ all while enhancing the security, automation, and cost optimization of their AWS infrastructure to support scalability?


Onriva was introduced to nOps during an AWS Well-Architected Review. nOps provided fast, automated discovery of gaps in their infrastructure based on Well-Architected guidelines. The Review showed opportunities for enhancing cost optimization, security, reliability, and operational excellence – including higher utilization of resources, implementing centralized deployment, standardization of workflow and approvals, and early resolution of problems based on timely notifications.

Based on the actionable recommendations of the Review, Onriva implemented:

  • A fully functional CI/CD pipeline to accelerate new feature delivery.
  • A containerized environment for better performance, cost, reliability, and operational excellence.
  • Centralized infrastructure deployment, standardization, and cost control.

Post-Review, Onriva is using nOps for continuous support of cost management, security, and change management. They like nOps for its:

  • Visibility into CPU utilization patterns to manage underutilized resources and optimize infrastructure and cost.
  • Real-time notifications about unused resources to reduce cost leakage.
  • Tracking and visibility of workload changes (by user, by cost, and status of resource) to monitor usage and spending in the cloud.
  • Timely, highly configurable, multi-channel alerts to quickly remediate problems.
  • Automation workflows and rules to ensure that cloud operations are compliant with security best practices and DevOps guidelines.
  • Monitoring of AWS service limits and alerts when a threshold is exceeded for improved reliability of the infrastructure.

"As a result of what nOps revealed and helped to implement during the Well-Architected Review, we now have a modern infrastructure that enables us on our fast-path journey to provide travel services to a massively larger and fast-growing user base.” - Irina Kuznetsova, Chief Product Officer, Onriva

“nOps is intuitive and easy to use, kudos to your product/engineering team.”

- Irina Kuznetsova, Chief Product Officer, Onriva


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