nOps helps Revere reduce AWS cloud costs by 30%, improve security.


About Revere

Revere adds sophisticated monitoring to your best-in-breed business intelligence stack, with easy-to-build, custom alerts — all to deliver the latest information to the team faster and connect them to the next step.

Revere is built for leading businesses that are data-driven and people-powered across retail, media, travel, B2B SaaS, marketplaces, and top agencies.


B2B SaaS - monitoring, business intelligence, custom alerts


San Francisco, CA


Optimize cloud infrastructure for cost, security, and compliance while staying focused on new feature development.

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Revere runs fast. Like many rapid-growth, venture-backed startups, the priorities are clear. Prove the business model, deliver new features, demonstrate scale. For the lean startup, resources are focused on the business. But Revere also needs to stretch every dollar. And, amidst the hectic pace, make sure their infrastructure is secure — even while the team is focused on new product features. And, they need to demonstrate compliance, like SOC 2, to world-class customers.

So how can Revere stay focused on delivering new features vital to the business while having confidence that their infrastructure is cost-optimized, compliant, and secure — continuously?


“Any startup on AWS should be using nOps.”

Revere was introduced to nOps cloud management for AWS during an assessment of their infrastructure using best-practice guidelines from the AWS Well-Architected Framework. nOps provided fast, automated discovery of gaps in their infrastructure’s compliance with Well-Architected guidelines that could be addressed quickly.

Now, Revere uses nOps to provide continuous monitoring of changes in their AWS infrastructure. It can instantly assess and notify the right team members at Revere about the impact of changes on cost, resource utilization, security, and compliance — including compliance with AWS Well-Architected guidelines.

The objective is continuous compliance. Providing Revere with confidence on cost optimization, security, and compliance. Confidence that is essential as they demonstrate compliance to world-class customers.

In her words. We connected with Vanessa Krumb, CEO, Revere about the results they’ve achieved so far with nOps.

“We saved 30% on our AWS cloud infrastructure costs.” Boom, mic drop.

“Like most startups, we need a secure, cost-efficient infrastructure as the foundation of our business. But we can’t afford to dedicate a team. With nOps, we’ve got this covered. That’s a good feeling.”

“‘One-and-done’ compliance does not work — our infrastructure is changing too fast. We need continuous monitoring, and smart, automated notifications. The objective is continuous compliance.”

“… Otherwise, how are you staying on top of your infrastructure? Unless you have your DevOps people focused on infrastructure instead of building features. This is really important.”

- Vanessa Krumb, CEO, Revere


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