nOps helps Verse reduce AWS cloud costs by 21%, improve security compliance 75%.


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Verse is a mobile- and web-based referral platform designed to engage and convert inbound leads into qualified, sales-ready opportunities by providing its unique blend of 2-way SMS, AI-driven follow-up, and highly trained reps. After powering many millions of conversations, they made the decision to expand outside of the real estate and mortgage industries to include thousands of mortgage professionals, teams, brokerages, companies, leading search portals, CRMs, and others. To learn more, go to


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Optimize AWS costs and enhance security compliance

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nOps cloud management


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Verse wanted to mature their DevOps practice, build out their continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and accelerate the transition to a new serverless software development stack. They sought to analyze and optimize their AWS costs to reduce total spend, and implement tagging for cost allocation, billing alarms, and notifications.

They needed to enhance their security controls, which included providing VPN access for developers. Plus, Verse wanted to improve cloud operations monitoring and change management tracking for improved governance.


Mode2, an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN), used nOps to perform an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) with its client, Verse. The Review showed opportunities for enhancing cost optimization and security compliance, including improved utilization of resources, terminating zombie instances, optimization of EBS volumes and EC2 instances, and implementing security best practices (e.g., identity and access management, network segmentation, encryption keys, application secrets, and VPN access).

Post-Review, Verse is using nOps for continuous support of cost management, security, and change management. They like nOps for its:

  • Visibility into CPU utilization patterns to manage underutilized resources and optimize infrastructure and cost.
  • Real-time notifications about unused resources to reduce cost leakage.
  • Tracking and visibility of workload changes to monitor usage and spending in the cloud.
  • Automation workflows and rules to ensure that cloud operations are compliant with security best practices.

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"We like how nOps helps us keep track of infrastructure changes and their effect on security so that we are instantly alerted and can take remedial action.” - Taiga Peden, Software Engineer Lead, Verse

“Verse has achieved significant AWS cost savings thanks to the actionable, real-time alerts on resource utilization, and recommendations on cost optimization provided by nOps and Mode2.”

- Taiga Peden, Software Engineer Lead, Verse


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