nOps helps Fischer Identity optimize AWS costs with ShareSave and achieve freedom from lock-in so their engineers can focus on innovation.


About Fischer Identity

Founded in 2005, Fischer International Identity pioneered cloud-based identity governance and administration which led to the multi-billion dollar industry that is Identity as a Service®. Fischer's Global Identity® architecture, coupled with years of innovation in code-less delivery of identity programs, has brought forth the evolution of security delivered from the cloud that billions of users benefit from today.

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Continuous cost optimization and capital reallocation to sustain innovation and growth.

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AWS Well-Architected Framework Review, ShareSave Service




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Cost savings plus no lock-in flexibility with ShareSave


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Capital reallocation to support modernization and growth

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Agility to pivot mid-step to other AWS services


Continuous cost optimization and capital reallocation to sustain innovation and growth.

Fischer migrated their entire production environment from RackSpace to AWS in the summer of 2021. They had planned to purchase 3-year Reserved Instances (RIs) immediately after migrating to AWS, which raised concerns about oversubscribing to savings commitments for their lift and shift migration. Fischer sought budget flexibility, a means of continuous cost optimization, and the ability to reallocate capital to sustain subsequent innovation and growth. Plus, they wanted to avoid long-term lock-in to specific AWS services so the engineering and product teams had flexibility to innovate using new AWS services.


Costs were increasing for Fischer’s large test environment. Fischer was interested in a free health check of their AWS infrastructure that nClouds, a partner of nOps, was offering to discover the source of their rising costs. nClouds performed an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) to assess Fischer’s critical workload. Based on the WAFR, nClouds provided Fischer with a detailed report, including suggestions on the business impact of their design decisions and guidance on the workload based on the core AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars. The report recommended remediations to improve cost optimization, security, reliability, performance, and operational excellence.


Among the cost optimization recommendations, one solution, in particular, piqued Fischer’s interest: ShareSave by nOps, part of its cost optimization program. After a brief discussion about ShareSave and its potential savings of up to 45% off Fischer’s existing Amazon EC2 On-Demand Pricing with zero risk to Fischer, the company signed up for SaveShare’s flexible, AI-driven, auto-pilot management of AWS commitments.

Teaming with nOps, Fischer Identity now has budget flexibility and asset optimization. The project has yielded numerous benefits:

“With ShareSave, you can save during and after a migration to AWS. It enables Fischer Identity to avoid the opportunity cost of being locked into a 3-year savings commitment and gives our engineers the freedom to innovate with new AWS services."

- Dan Dagnall, President and CEO, Fischer Identity


The Benefits

32% cost savings plus no lock-in flexibility with ShareSave Service by nOps

Using ShareSave by nOps, Fischer Identity has realized a 32% net savings on its AWS compute costs as compared to On-Demand pricing. And, with ShareSave, Fischer Identity is not locked into specific AWS services, so its engineers have the flexibility to innovate with new AWS services.

Capital reallocation to support modernization and growth

ShareSave provides Fischer with budget flexibility and the ability to apply their savings to fund application modernization initiatives to sustain the growth of their business.

Agility to pivot mid-step to other AWS services

In an industry that evolves at the speed of thought, Fischer now enjoys freedom from lock-in, allowing their engineers to do what they do best, deliver new features and innovation without being constrained by savings commitments.

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