In a flexible and dynamic environment of the cloud, developers and admins have the flexibility to launch, configure, use, and terminate processing, storage, networking, and other resources as needed. Security guidelines and policies can be overlooked in the rush to get a new product or update to market before the other guys.

Enter nOps Rules.

nOps Rules is a powerful rule system that allows you to use existing rules from AWS, from other partner, and/or your own custom rules. Rules can be targeted at specific resources (by id), types of resources, or at resources tagged in your custom method. Rules are run when those resources are created or changed. They are also evaluated periodically.

Notification & Collaboration

One of the behavior we observe is that simply reporting violations is not effective. nOps divides the alerts into two section: summary of the alerts and real time alerts. Often times, if you have many violations in your account, you get numb to the these alerts. In nOps, you can snooze the daily alert notification so you don’t get alert fatigue. At the same time, you’ll receive real time notification for the same violation, allowing you to make sure all the new changes are in compliance with your policy while you fix existing violations. For increased visibility, you can send these notification to Slack and Hipchat. This powerful workflow is incredibly effective for change management and continuous compliance for your cloud environments.

nOps v0.01 documentation

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