Completely automated FinOps platform

Free DevOps resources and maximize EC2 savings with AI-driven Reserved Instances Automation

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FinOps on nOps

We only charge for what we save.
Risk free Reserved instance coverage
Automatically stop resources during non-peak hours
Continuous Container cluster optimization
Continuous RI management to save up to 40% over on-demand resources

Slash cloud costs automatically

Most organizations don’t have the resources to focus on reducing cloud spend. nOps is your ML-powered FinOps team. nOps reduces cloud waste, helps you run workloads on spot instances, automatically manages reservations, and helps optimize your containers. Everything is automated and data-driven.


How does it work?

nOps adapts cloud resources to real-time application needs, with no human intervention.
Risk free Reserved instance coverage

nOps automatically maxmize the RI coverage

Automatically turn off resources non-peak hours

nOps AI engine detect cyclic workload, and make it easy for you top resources

Optimize containers

nOps reacts to scaling in real time


Automatically stop resources during non-peak hours

Stop resources non-peak hours, reduce waste, and increase efficiency

Automatic Lifecycle Management of Commitments

Immediate Cost Savings
24/7 Continuous Optimization
Risk-Free Buy-Back Guarantee
Zero Engineering Effort

Here’s a few of our credentials:

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Innovative companies already love what we do for them. Now it’s your turn.

"Leveraging nOps, partners can shorten the time it takes validating some of the answers found in an AWS Well-Architected Review and reduce time to uncover high-risk issues and opportunities to innovate and drive better customer outcomes."
- Matt Yanchyshyn
Director, Solutions Architecture, AWS
"Using nOps, we have helped customers achieve impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure. Simply put, nOps enables us to build better architecture faster for our customers. It really fits our DevOps culture."
- Carlos Diego Cavalcanti
Chief Technology Officer, Valcann and an AWS Ambassador
"nOps bridges a gap in AWS’s portfolio for automated discovery in keeping with Well-Architected principles and provides a DevOps-savvy front end for integrating input from various AWS cloud management services and creating actionable views."
- Jean Atelsek
Market Insight, April 23, 2019
"nOps was instrumental in helping our team keep running fast while we worked on achieving ISO-27001 certification – and reduced our AWS costs by 50%."
"We particularly like nOps’ billing anomaly, change management, change reports, and cost dashboard features, which enable Yewno to track costs and changes on a continuous basis."
- Matt Yanchyshyn
Director, Solutions Architecture, AWS
"We saved 30% on our AWS cloud infrastructure costs. Any startup on AWS should be using nOps. Otherwise, how are you staying on top of your infrastructure?"
"nOps lets organizations manage all aspects of AWS infrastructure and cloud-based development to track, manage, and control the environments in which their systems run."
"nOps lets organizations manage all aspects of AWS infrastructure and cloud-based development to track, manage, and control the environments in which their systems run."
"[nOps] offers both clear oversight of dependencies and a quick route to identifying cost savings across cloud."
"[nOps is] a great example of a partner who is not only innovating on behalf of their customers but also innovating to help other partners."
- Doug Yeum
Head of Worldwide Channels & Alliances

Proven track record of success.

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