Reduce your AWS costs by up to 50% on auto-pilot

Free DevOps resources and maximize EC2 savings with AI-driven Reserved Instances Automation

Here’s a few of our credentials:

FinOps on nOps

We only charge for what we save.

Risk free Reserved instance coverage

Automatically stop resources during non-peak hours

Continuous Container cluster optimization

Continuous RI management to save up to 50% over on-demand resources

Slash cloud costs automatically

nOps reduces cloud waste, helps you run workloads on spot instances, automatically manages reservations, and helps optimize your containers. Everything is automated and data-driven.

nOps adapts cloud resources to real-time application needs, with no human intervention.

How does it work?

Risk free Reserved instance coverage

nOps automatically maxmizes the RI coverage

Automatically turn off resources non-peak hours

nOps AI engine detects cyclic workloads, and makes it easy for you to top resources

Optimize containers

nOps reacts to scaling in real time

Automatically stop resources during non-peak hours

Stop resources non-peak hours, reduce waste, and increase efficiency

Automatic Lifecycle Management of Commitments

Immediate Cost Savings

24/7 Continuous Optimization

Risk-Free Buy-Back Guarantee

Zero Engineering Effort

Innovative companies already love what we do for them. Now it’s your turn.

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