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Automated tracking and tagging for AWS MAP

Achieve your cloud goals confidently with our unparalleled migration expertise and reliable solutions.


Are you struggling to track the return on investment for your Map projects?

Do you have difficulty identifying what is included and what is not included in your Map credits?

Now You Can!

Streamline your migration journey with ease using nOps Tool.

Gain full visibility into your migration progress with AWS MAP Tracker integrated into nOps.

Maximize your MAP funding and stay on schedule with real-time insights and metrics.

Automate the resource tagging process with nOps, eliminating manual efforts.

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Use Cases

nOps processes trillions of rows everywhere and provides you real-time estimates of AWS MAP credits. We also ingest historical data to give you the most complete view of migration progress.
nOps enables you to easily identify and visualize AWS resources that are not properly tagged. This ensures that you don’t miss out on valuable MAP Funding credits due to incorrect Server IDs. With our near real-time billing ingestion, you can stay on top of tagging compliance.
Leveraging the power of AWS System Manager, nOps enables you to automatically tag resources that either have no tags or incorrect tags. Simply select the resources you wish to tag, and nOps will apply the appropriate tags to ensure consistent resource management.

How it Works

1. Give us read-only access

2. Create MAP projects

3. Automated tracking and tagging for  MAP and MAP 2.0

People are talking about nOps

“Easy platform to monitor AWS cost, especially during AWS MAP. Makes it easy to monitor and navigate through the AWS MAP process. It has also been able to make cost saving very easy through one-click without risk. It can be hands-off.”
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Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
“Ease to use and also cost proficient. We have sets of rules there in WAF dashboard which is very useful for all pillars of the same.”
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