Your EKS cost optimization on auto-pilot

Is your legacy EKS autoscaler holding you back from optimizing your EKS workloads?
Reduce your EKS infrastructure costs by 50% or more with nKS. Automatically optimize your environment for spot, RI, and savings plans


Is juggling between RI, Savings plan, Spot becoming a full time job?

Are you struggling to move workloads to Spot?

Now You Can!

Have 60 minute advance Spot termination prediction

Automatically schedule EKS resources to available RI, Savings Plans and Spot to maximize savings

Reconsider price in real time for maximum savings

Leverage AWS’ modern and Open sourced Karpenter as your autoscaler

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Use Cases

nKs advanced termination prediction will handle spot termination interruptions before they happen.

by choosing RI, Savings Plans and Spot to maximize savings.

How it Works

nKS schedules your EKS workloads on the most cost optimal option for your environment in real-time. By integrating Karpenter with nOps' engine, it streamlines the management of RIs, Savings Plans, and Spot resources with ML-driven cost optimization.

Real-Time Data Ingest

nKS collects data from various sources, including the spot market, existing commitment plans (such as RI's, spot, and savings plans), and resource utilization. This data is then ingested into the platform for analysis.

 AI Driven Decisions

Using the collected data, nKS trains a model to determine the most cost-effective compute utilization for resources at any given time. This model takes into account the utilization of RI's, savings plans, and signals from the spot market as well as your historical utilization. The results of the analysis are then processed and output to Karpenter.

Adaptive Optimization

nKS adapts and dynamically adjusts your workload to ever-changing spot market conditions. We prioritize cost-effectiveness while catering to your performance requirements. Customized for your specific environments and workloads, nKS delivers a tailored and dynamic optimization solution that evolves with your needs.

Getting Started

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2. Install our Kubernetes engine and select provisioner configuration

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