nOps Cloud Management Platform Adding Azure Support


nOps is proud to announce Azure support for our industry-leading cloud management platform. The new support delivers a spectrum of world-class product features, providing a rich experience for partners and end-users running Azure cloud infrastructure.

Azure is the second most popular cloud provider after Amazon Web Services (AWS). We felt it was the perfect time to extend nOps powerful features to the Azure ecosystem – an integration frequently requested by many of our customers.

With these new features, nOps becomes the First Integrated, Single Pane of Glass Multi-Cloud Platform, offering Azure users enhanced optimization and observability across the board.

Customers with Azure workloads now have access to:

  • Unparalleled Multi-Cloud Observability With A Single Pane Of Glass: 

Our Azure CloudOps solutions provide you with a granular, 360 ° view of your workloads, allowing you to align them to your business needs efficiently. With nOps, you no longer need to constantly switch between cloud platforms if you run multi-cloud resources.

  • Advanced Cost Management Capabilities:

At nOps, we’re passionate about helping you increase cloud observability and lower the cost of running your workloads. Our comprehensive Cost Control Dashboard includes superior functionalities that make it incredibly easy to track costs, enforce operational accountability, and identify anomalies that could lead to cost spikes.

  • Seamless Alignment With Azure Well-Architected Best Practices: 

Our AI-powered rule engine auto-discovers gaps in your infrastructural compliance with Azure best practices. This is incredibly useful in conducting fact-based AWS and Azure Well-Architected Framework Reviews. We also empower you with continuous optimization insights that will help you provision a scalable, secure, compliant, performant, and cost-effective Azure architecture.

In addition to the benefits above, Partners running Azure managed services also get access to:

  • A unified multi-cloud Partner Portal for managing clients’ workloads.
  • Premium Billing Options
  • Extensive Azure Go-To-Market Support to help them scale their MSP business, increase revenue margins, and become better cloud guardians. 

Monitor, analyze, and manage your Azure and multi-cloud infrastructure — continuously. Get started with nOps today.