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Monitor, analyze, and manage AWS changes, costs, performance, security, and compliance – for your customers – with nOps cloud management.

The partner version of nOps provides special features, including white labeling, single-pane-of-glass visibility across customer accounts, automated AWS Well-Architected Framework Review-aligned report encryption, versioning, and more.

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Fast path to creating value for your customers

nOps is the first cloud management platform designed to achieve better AWS Well-Architected Reviews and to support cloud-native change management.

Better AWS Well-Architected Reviews

Save hours on every Review with automated discovery of high-risk issues.

Deliver fact-based assessments to your clients by giving your solutions architects drill-down visibility into the target infrastructure.

Improve your remediation project win rate by providing customer proposals that align directly with real gaps.

Next-Gen MSP Practice

Improve customer stickiness with new services and insights enabled by nOps continuous compliance monitoring.

Cost optimization, security incident management, and compliance at speed with nOps rules aligned with AWS Well-Architected Framework best-practices and industry guidelines like SOC 2 and HIPAA.

Become an nOps Authorized Reseller

Create a continuous revenue stream for your partner organization by reselling nOps to your end-customers.

nOps end-user subscriptions are a monthly fee based on the customer’s AWS usage. As an nOps Authorized Reseller, you share in that monthly revenue. And your customers gain continuous insights into the health of their AWS infrastructure.

Grow Your AWS Reseller Business

Earn reseller margin on net new AWS spend. Provide services to your customers with powerful nOps cost and security features included. Manage invoicing, AWS EC2 Reserved Instances arbitrage, and AWS credits for your customers.

Plus, use nOps’ white labeling functionality to package nOps into your service offerings.

Strategic partners

All-in on platform support and partnering to deliver customer success.

nOps is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an AWS Marketplace Seller, with certified AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency status – one of just 23 in the world. Further, nOps is part of a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS that identifies nOps for SaaS cloud management and AWS Well-Architected Reviews.

nOps directly utilizes Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Billing and Cost Management, AWS Config, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudTrail, the AWS Well-Architected Tool, plus metadata from numerous other AWS managed services.

[nOps is] a great example of a partner who is not only innovating on behalf of their customers but also innovating to help other partners.”
– Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channels & Alliances, AWS Watch Video
Channel partners

Flexibility, economy, and convenience in licensing nOps for partner use and resale.

nOps is available to partners through AWS Marketplace via Seller Private Offer (SPO), and Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) for qualified nOps Authorized Resellers.

nOps is now available through Tech Data's StreamOne platform for partners and resale to end-users in the U.S. Also, nOps partners with Tech Data to provide reseller features, including invoicing and AWS EC2 Reserved Instances distribution.

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Trusted by innovative consultants to deliver value-added services to their end-customers.

What nOps partners are saying

  • Leveraging nOps, partners can shorten the time it takes validating some of the answers found in an AWS Well-Architected Review and reduce time to uncover high-risk issues and opportunities to innovate and drive better customer outcomes.”

    Matt Yanchyshyn, Director, Solutions Architecture, AWS

  • The insights provided by the nOps cloud management tool are invaluable in helping us prepare for AWS Well-Architected Reviews. The automated checks by nOps surface critical issues and factual data that improve our Review discussions with clients."

    Stedman Ng, SVP, Head of Cloud Enablement, Cprime

  • nOps is an enabler of increased customer satisfaction, improved win rates, and new revenue.”

    Stacy Nethercoat, VP, Cloud Solutions, Americas

  • With the growing demand for data transformation across industries, Belle Fleur Technologies is excited to be a partner with nOps to help streamline our AWS Well-Architected Reviews during client engagements. We are able to introduce our customers to the nOps cloud management tool prior to the Review to give immediate AWS architecture health checks to expedite the entire process.”

    Tia Dubuisson, President, Belle Fleur Technologies

  • nOps’ automation delivers better productivity and insights for our solutions architects that translates to faster time to good architecture for our customers. That’s allowed us to deliver cost savings, improved security and compliance, and better change management at levels that really excite our customers.”

    Simon Plant, Founder & CEO, Mode2

  • SHI is looking forward to our partnership with nOps. We believe the nOps cloud management solution will enable our AWS Well-Architected Review program and go-to-market strategy.”

    Todd Wolff, AWS GTM & Business Development Lead and Vince Montalbano, AWS Principal Consultant, SHI

  • We’re so impressed with nOps’ automated discovery for AWS Well-Architected Reviews. The time-savings are invaluable, and the depth and detail of insights enable more proactive and strategic recommendations to our clients. It makes a difference – we have 100% acceptance of our remediation proposals using nOps for Well-Architected Reviews.”

    Krystle Khoo, Director of Sales & Alliances, Mode2

Industry analyst perspective

“[nOps] is designed to be an affordable governance mechanism as users expand their AWS deployments, while giving nOps resellers a source of recurring revenue and a selling point (and sales pipeline) for ongoing engagements and value-add.

“...nOps bridges a gap in AWS's portfolio for automated discovery in keeping with Well-Architected principles and provides a DevOps-savvy front end for integrating input from various AWS cloud management services and creating actionable views. White­ labeling the product aims to make it an easy value-add for MSPs and consultancies.

– Jean Atelsek, 451 Research

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Partner case study

“Our customers expect business results. nOps’ automation delivers better productivity and insights for our solutions architects that translates to faster time to good architecture. That’s enabled us to deliver cost savings, improved security and compliance, and better change management at levels that really excite our customers.”

– Simon Plant, Founder & CEO, Mode2

Read partner case study - Mode2

Read customer case study - Agentology

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