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DevSecOps: Get Well-Architected with Automated Discovery and Continuous Compliance

Tuesday, Nov 27, 8 am - 4 pm MPSC Experience Hub | The Quad | Aria HotelSee nOps at the kiosk

nOps is featured in the AWS re:Invent DevSecOps theme supporting automated discovery and continuous compliance in the AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog (MPSC) Experience Hub.

Tuesday, Nov 27, 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm The Learning Lounge MPSC | The Quad | Aria HotelSee the presentation & demo

JT Giri, CEO & Co-founder, nClouds presents, “Get Well-Architected for Continuous Compliance and DevSecOps.” Learn how DevOps teams use nOps to support automated discovery and continuous compliance as part of building a well-architected infrastructure on AWS.

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Automated discovery and continuous compliance are powerful features of a modern DevSecOps approach. DevOps teams can use nOps cloud management for AWS to create customized security profiles to continuously identify and support remediation of security violations aligned with AWS Well-Architected Framework guidance.

What’s more, leveraging AWS Service Catalog, nOps makes it easy to implement standard processes and security policies for cloud deployment. Teams can use Service Catalog with the nOps workflow engine to control and accelerate cloud deployment and adhere to organizational security measures consistently.

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