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Risk-Free Commitment Management Security Policies

Onboarding takes only 5 minutes.


  1. Onboard your accounts for nOps free platform.
    More information can be found here : Adding an AWS account to nOps
  2. For the Risk Free RI Commitment Management, we make it easy to save.
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1. You provide nOps with access to your nOps S3 bucket


Review the policy permissions for the Payer account.

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2. We link two nOps ShareSave accounts to your AWS Organization:


Review policy permissions for the Linked accounts.


  • ShareSave Compute <xx> - used by nOps to buy/sell EC2 3-year Standard Reserved Instances and buy 3-year Compute Savings Plans. 
  • ShareSave Other <xx> - used by nOps to buy current generation/flexible 1-year Reserved Instances for RDS, Redshift, OpenSearch, and ElasticCache.
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3. Save time by automating setup! You're just a few clicks away from cost savings.

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