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Eliminate your AWS Backup gaps

Protect your AWS environment from data loss or downtime


It's time to fill in the gaps —
enterprise-scale AWS backup

nOps Storage is the only 100%-cloud solution that combines snapshots, backup, and DR at enterprise scale. Simplify snapshot orchestration, reduce TCO by up to 50%, and protect against ransomware with secure, air-gapped backups.



AWS Databases

RDS | Aurora | DynamoDB | Redshift | S3 | Glacier

Cloud Hosted Databases

MySQL | PostgreSQL | Oracle | MS SQL Server | MariaDB | NoSQL

Globally accessible AWS data protection

Enterprise-level AWS backup and disaster recovery, with data flexibility across AWS regions and accounts for simplified workload mobility.

Enterprise-ready AWS backup delivered “as-a-Service”

Protect your data with a self-managed SaaS solution designed for infinite scale, security, and flexibility - No servers, patching, or updates required!

Optimize your AWS storage costs

Archive snapshots to the lower-cost EBS Snapshots Archive tier, and reduce your TCO by eliminating unnecessary snapshot copies.

Here’s a few of our credentials:

Mask Group (22)
Mask Group (72)
21972-312_SOC_NonCPA_Blk 1 (3)

Key Features

AWS Backup and Recovery

Flexible, global policies, and schedules

Backup and recover volumes and instances

Backup lift-and-shift DBs (Oracle, SQL)

Cross-region and cross-account snapshots

Resource scheduling for EC2 and RDS

Application-consistent snapshots

AWS Cyber Resilience

Secure, air-gapped backup

Enable Data Lock on retention

Manual deletion prevention

Amazon EBS recycle bin integration

Encrypts data in-flight and at rest (AES-256)

Cost Optimization

Lower TCO by up to 50%

No egress charges for backup to nOps Cloud

Source-side, global deduplication

Archive to EBS Snapshots Archive tier

Resource scheduling for EC2 and RDS

Eliminate the need for IT resources

AWS Disaster Recovery

Fast one-click restore from any outage

Cross-region and cross-account recovery

Configure and schedule custom DR plans

Clone VPCs, subnets and security groups

Automated DR plan testing

DR compliance reporting

Validate RTO and RPO requirements

Metadata-based File Search

Index snapshots for search

Granular recovery of specific files

Search file systems of snapshots

Search across multiple AWS regions

Find files in a specific time frame

Governance & Compliance

Complete data lifecycle management

Role based access control (IAM)

All AWS GovCloud regions supported

Automated compliance reporting

Cross-account reporting

On-boarding and Management

Designed for multi-tenancy and IAM support

Easy install with CloudFormation

AWS Control Tower integration

CLI & RESTful API for custom integration

SSO and MFA authentication

24/7 technical support for paid plans

How does it work?

nOps adapts cloud resources to real-time application needs, with no human intervention.
Risk free Reserved instance coverage

nOps automatically maxmize the RI coverage

Automatically turn off resources non-peak hours

nOps AI engine detect cyclic workload, and make it easy for you top resources

Optimize containers

nOps reacts to scaling in real time

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