Automate cost optimization with nOps in real-time

Live Webinar

Automate cost optimization with
nOps in Real-Time

Tuesday, Mar 28 at 10:30am CET

Cloud cost is a very key component of the budget for every business. If it’s not controlled, it can affect the business's bottom line and lead to losses.
Cost can be reduced by multiple levers. They are classified into two broader categories.

1 Getting a better price for your cloud resources which can be done by choosing the right purchasing options for your compute resources

2. Ensure your resources are consistently optimized for cost and performance by rightsizing, configuring the proper parameters, shutdown during non-peak hours…list goes on

Join this session to learn how to implement better practices in optimizing the cost of your AWS workloads and how you can use the nOps automated FinOps model to start saving costs. 

nOps services to showcase:
  • nOps ShareSave Model - No saving no payment
  • nOps Automated ways to reduce cost

Key Takeaways:

  1. Automated ways to cost optimization
  2. FinOps for every size
  3. FREE cost optimization assessment by nOps supported by a certified FinOps team

Topics and Agenda:

  • When and How Cost Optimization  –Jang Whan, AWS - 15 min
  • Automated FinOps using nOps  – Satish Bora, nOps - 15 min
  • Customer nOps Experience  - Michael Z.CTO, signageOS - 10 min
  • QA - 10 Min

Featured Speakers


Jang Whan Han

AWS Well-Architected GEO SA

Jang Whan is an AWS Well-Architected GEO Solutions Architect who builds out example scenarios and hands-on labs to demonstrate AWS best practices for deploying workloads in the cloud. He has spent the time dedicated to driving best practices within our partners and AWS customers especially.

You can follow Jang Whan Han on LinkedIn 

Satish Bora

Satish Bora

International General Manager nOps

Satish leads the international business for nOps. He loves enabling AWS customers to optimize their cloud by leveraging automation- nOps.

You can follow Satish  on LinkedIn 


Michael Zabka.CTO, signageOS

Michael is CTO with SignageOS

Michael leads the developer team at signageOS which has over 15 developers with all kinds of purposes. It’s divided into 4 teams, Frontend, Core Apps (IoT), Android and Backend.
The backend team is responsible for the DevOps infrastructure in the company. It’s all running on AWS and currently, it uses nOps to reduce the costs of running on-demand EC2 instances.

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