7 Simple Ways to Reduce Your AWS Spend

Tactical steps for a cloud environment health check

Be honest – do you have total control of your AWS cloud costs? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could manage your cloud environment by examining where unaccounted costs are coming from, and monitoring your resources, identifying unused instances, and more? Great news – you can. Join this engaging session, with experts from AWS and nOps, where you’ll learn how to use the nOps cloud management tool to reduce AWS cloud costs and optimize your environment, including tactical steps you can take to save up to 50% in cloud costs.

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Join and you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce the most expensive services on your AWS bill.
  • Implement a tagging strategy that illustrates your costs from your business perspective.
  • Unearth and target unaccounted costs.
  • Ensure costs are charged back to their appropriate teams.
  • Qualify for a free health check of your AWS environment.

These roles will get the most value from this session: VP/Director/Manager DevOps, DevOps Lead, VP/Director/Manager Cloud Infrastructure/Operations, Chief Architect, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS Practice Lead. But anyone concerned with managing AWS costs will benefit.

Special Offer for Viewers: All registered webinar viewers are eligible for a Free Health Check by a Solutions Architect at nOps.


J.T. Giri

Founder & CEO

JT Giri has been migrating rapid-growth companies to AWS since Amazon EC2 was in beta in 2006. His teams have executed 350-plus DevOps AWS implementations and hundreds of AWS Well-Architected Reviews. He co-founded nClouds, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, in 2012, and founded nOps, a SaaS cloud management platform provider, in 2017.

Rodney Lester

Principal Architect, AWS Well-Architected

Rodney Lester has been at AWS for nine years, and has had technical leadership roles with the AWS Well-Architected Framework initiative since 2017. Rodney has previous experience as a professional services consultant, director of engineering, software development manager, software engineer, and system architect. Prior employers include AOL, General Dynamics, Autobytel, and Local.