Automate Cost Optimization with nOps and Shift Left


AWS Cloud offers many opportunities to optimize costs in your workloads. But to maximize your savings, you need to implement the right set of practices.

One core element of these practices is to leverage automation. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a compilation of best practices to help you build your best architecture in the AWS Cloud. The framework advocates numerous practices in leveraging automation to achieve your architecture goals.

Join this session to learn how to implement better practices in optimizing the cost of your AWS workloads and how you can use nOps NEW automation framework to get visibility into your costs early in your development cycle.

nOps services to showcase:
  • Rules to assist in achieving cost optimization & automation goals.
  • nOps CLI – How to build a capability to achieve cost optimization.
Key Takeaways:
  1. Best practices for cost optimization & automation.
  2. nOps new automation framework.
  3. How you can leverage nOps automation framework for cost optimization.
Topics and Agenda:
  • Context setting with WAFR and automation – Stephen Salim, AWS
  • Highlight GraphQL and automation framework – Satish Bora, nOps
  • Use cases and scenarios for automation – Satish Bora, nOps
  • Demo of automation – Shreyas Damle, Opcito


Stephen Salim
Stephen Salim

AWS Well-Architected Solutions Architect

Stephen Salim is currently a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has worked at AWS since 2013 in multiple roles. As part of the AWS Well-Architected team, Stephen’s focus is to work with AWS customers and AWS Partner Network (APN ) partners of all sizes to help them build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

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Satish Bora
Satish Bora

General Manager

Satish is a SaaS & Cloud leader guiding SaaS companies worldwide in the SaaSification of products. He carries a unique blend of experience to work with global SI’s like TCS & Infosys as well as multiple SaaS product startups. He has worked very closely with nOps since its inception. He loves enabling AWS customers to optimize their cloud by leveraging nOps.

Shreyas Damle
Shreyas Damle

Solution Architect

Shreyas is a Solution Architect and is well versed in building highly scalable cloud-based enterprise applications. He has hands-on experience with all the leading cloud providers and is an expert at leveraging the AWS cloud platform and services.